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Christmas nails

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I love Christmas morning for opening all the presents, and love Boxing Day for all the good deals. Hope everyone had a few relaxing days well spent with family and friends.

Me and the bf braved the mall today after I put through 2 online orders, got some good stuff but wish we had more time to complete the shopping list. As lines were long everywhere, certain deals/ stocks were over by the time we got to the store. But I won't complain, as all in all, it was a good Christmas :)

It's a little late for me to post this, but this is the festive mani I was sporting in the last few days.

Can't take any credit for this, as I had my nails done before I left home, by the same girl that did all my nail art when I was home 2 years ago. You can see what she did with Sally Hansen Emerald City, Revlon Sublime Strawberry, Zoya Elise and Sally Hansen Red Carpet. All free hand, no stamping. Wish I could bring her back here to do my nails all the time :)

I just went in and ask for something Xmas-y and she did the tree, the wreath and the snowmen. The white tips were sponged on to imitate snow. I know she had never seen snow or the wreath IRL before, but she didn't do a bad job at all.

The base for this mani is Milani 3D, the gold colour I always reach for when I wanted something festive. The gold looks a little washed out in this last pic, due to the angle and lighting.

Feels like I repeat myself a lot, but I love all the shades in the 3D Holographic line that Milani did couple years back. Need more of these.

You might or might not notice that my nails here are a little shorter than what I normally sport. 2 of my nails broke deep down to the nail beds for handling the suitcases at the airport at home. It took a while to grow them out.

What has you been wearing on your nails lately? Did you do well with shopping today? Online or in store? Spill the beans so I can envy your scores of the day :)


  1. These nails are amazing!

    I did ONLY online shopping. I went to the mall on Black Friday and it was awful. I'll be avoiding the malls during the Holidays if I can...

  2. the nails are uber cute! i went to my two local malls for boxing day, i'm one of those girls that dive right into the excitement of boxing day LOL.

    bought some much needed work attire and of course my traditional 50% of calendar for the year! what did you pick up?

  3. Lisa, thank you :) I love deals so much I can't stay away from the mall. Prob I'm lucky that I'm not in a big city, so the madness is controllable lol

    Jenny, thanks. I got some clothes at the mall, but did 2 online orders for makeup before heading out, so I was happy

  4. How pretty =)
    Btw, I just tagged you for the "Nail polish tag" check it out if your interested:

  5. Thank you for the tag, but I'm scared to answer the very first question lol. I might have to go count, cause I didn't want to know how many I own before