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NOTD: Sally Hansen Emerald City

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My previous NOTD lasted quite a long time which was awesome, but I got bored after a while. So I pulled out some bottles of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and off I went to the beauty shop.

This gorgeous green is Emerald City, gorgeous by itself of course. I was thinking real hard whether I wanted to drawing art on top of it. But considering I don't have many more chances to have my nails done like this, I might as well just go along with it.

So this is the pattern she did this time. The drawing, the dotting (white dots around the flowers and the yellow dots in the center of the flowers) were all done by hand and didn't take long at all. Oh how I wish I could bring this lady with me back to Canada, lol.

And for the feet, I didn't want to go with the same colour, and picked out Gunmetal. This again is a gorgeous colour. It somehow matched my shoes, lol.

The only thing the lady complained was that the polishes were a bit runny and sheer for the first coat. Opacity was at 3 coats, which wasn't bad, considering how pretty they looked then.

Do you remember last time I mentioned the cost of all 3 of us getting our nails and hair done? I didn't know the individual cost of each service then, but this time I did. For these 2 sets of nail painting and drawing, I paid CAD2!!! This lady certainly charged me less than the norm in this city, as I heard my friends here paid quite a bit more, so I was really happy to find this place.

Shopping wise, I haven't found any great brand/ colours of nail polish that I really love. The local brands don't look very exciting. Found The Face Shop, but their colours aren't any better either. Hope things are not going too badly with the snow where you are.


  1. I wanna get my nails done for $2 O_O!!

  2. $2? Yeah! Beautiful!

  3. Are you serious? $2 for those pretty flowers? After I saw your previous nail art postings, I went out and got a bottle of black L.A Colors Nail Deco nail polish. I'm going to try mimic one of the pics you posted! Thanks for the inspiration. Now I just hope I can draw nicely.

    Btw, I used to have a set of nail polish pens. They literally work like pen or pen-shaped white outs. It has fine metal tips so you can draw anything with it easily. Naybe you can check those out.

  4. eternalmi and Farah, come with me, lol

    Crystal, thank you :-)

    moonRabbit, I can't take any credit as it was the lady's work of art. I was just playing the model :-) But I'm so glad you found the inspiration to do your own art. The pens do wonder on people's nails, but I don't know whether I could work them that well, lol. Maybe one day when I have enough courage :-)