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Nail polish hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Happy Friday, everyone. I got back to Canada yesterday, thought it was about time to come back to the blog. A friend told me she missed my hauls, so here is a haul post for you all.

During the 4 weeks at home, I basically bought no makeup at all, as the price was not any better than here, plus there was hardly any sales. Within the last few days there though, I kinda wanted some nail polish from Asian brands that I don't have access here, so I went out and got a few. Please note that almost all Asian nail polish have numbers as names. Also, the prices I paid in local currency were already included tax, hence so are the converted prices in CAD.

First batch, in the top left and right are 2 shades from a brand I don't know (Diana Manicure), shade 1317 and 1913, both have shimmers, 12ml. These were given to me by a friend, so I don't know the price.

Top row, in the middle are the regular Missha in small size (6ml), a bit more than CAD2 a piece. From L-R: WN02, BR03, PP01 and KH02.

Bottom row, on the left are also from Missha but from the Lucid line, bigger size (7.5ml), almost CAD4: BK01, BL03 and VL04. On the right are 2 shades from Etude House: 42 and BL009, CAD4 each.

Missha and Etude House have stores scattered around the city but stock was quite limited compared to what the mother companies offer, which was a shame. These 2 brands have been known in the nail polish community for some unique shades that should be more widely available.

Another brand that I was looking forward to haul was Tony Moly. Unfortunately, the famous Galaxy glitters were not available here, so I only got some shades from their regular line. Top row, from L-R: WT01, PP03, TR05 and PP02, 10ml, CAD2 each. The brand name is printed on the top of the lid, so you can't see it in the pic.

And finally, the Face Shop, from 3 different lines based on bottle designs. First group on the left, from L-R: GR501, BL603 and GL112, 11ml, CAD2.50 each. The bottle with white cap in the middle is OR204, a bit over CAD2. And the 2 on the right are from the "FACE it" line, also are the most unique (and more expensive, CAD6 each): BK901 (looks like a multi-chrome in the bottle) and a purple holo shade given to me with the name sticker already came off, so I can't say what shade it is. There is another line called "FACE it Repair", the most expensive with nail treatment included in the formula, CAD9.50 a piece but I didn't want any.

The nail polish market there has a lot of potential but I feel like brand awareness is quite low. I was glad to find a few shades representing the brands I wanted to try out but wish they had more to offer.

Hope everyone is close to be ready for the holidays. I did a bit of shopping yesterday but was still jetlagged, didn't really enjoy it. Hoping for better on Boxing Day :)


  1. Loving the haul. Will you be swatching them? My parent's are going to HK soon and I'm debating whether to ask my mum to pick up some polishes for me - it could be a diaster! Anyway welcome back! And Happy Holidays!

  2. Nice haul! I do love asian brands!! =D
    Just found you and I super following!

  3. Janella, Barbara, thank you :)

    Anna, I'll be swatching them soon but don't know if it'll be on time for your parents' trip. I love collecting np from places

  4. I absolutely love the last one in the first picture, thanks for posting, I'm on a search now :)

  5. Surprisingly, it doesn't show up very holographic on the nails, which is a shame