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NOTD: Zoya Elise

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Merry Christmas everyone (who celebrates)! I bet most of you have already got up and opened your presents by now, so please do tell me what you got this Christmas :-)

I don't celebrate the same way here, guess you already know. So I'm celebrating with some funky nail art that I had done a few days before Christmas. This is probably the craziest pattern I have had on my nails. I know some of you had already done this with konad. I haven't even tried konad, so I had to rely on other people's talent to make my nails look pretty, lol.

The base colour is Zoya Elise, a wearable but sheer orange. As I wanted it to show up as a good base, I asked for 4 coats. Then the lady used her black pen to draw the tiger-y wiggly stripes from 2 sides of the nails in. The rest were bright yellow dots with black dots in the center, as animal print pattern :-)

This nail art is me, as I always wanted a tiger print nail art, but not me as the yellow dots are really bright and they crowded the nails a little bit. I love it anyway, lol. It'd be neat to be able to keep it till I get back to Canada, but I don't know it'll survive all the luggage handling I'll have to do for the trip.

Another shot of my nail art. The colour theme somehow matches what I am holding in my hand (orange and yellow). Can you guess what it is in the picture?

- It's a fruit
- It has very distinctive smell (i.e. you either love it or hate it)
- It's tropical :-)

The piece I had was humongous while the seed was tiny, so I couldn't finish it in one sitting. This is quality at its best. Love it!

Enjoy the holidays, or at least the weekend (if you don't celebrate).


  1. I have had that thing (don't know what it's called in English) for so many years...

    The nail color look really yummy as well!

  2. Citrine, it's durian in English :-) I love it.

    Thanks for the comment on the nails.