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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone? It has been very quiet on the blog, so I take some time off the web too.

In the last day or too, I just relaxed and enjoyed. I went the spa with my sis to calm down my nerves (travelling stress, as I mentioned before). The family went to a really nice restaurant for dinner, and then an ice cream shop for dessert one night. Yep, the same place I went last time after hot pot, as I wanted to try more flavours. If we didn't get stuck in a horrible traffic jam down town that night, it'd be a totally perfect day :-) And last night we went to a place that was specialized in clam dishes. We had clam spicy noodle, clam salad and delicious drink of lime and mint ice. Desserts were fruits and light pastry. Love it all.

I got up early this morning to go the hair dresser to have my hair straightened.

I had nothing to complain about my hair, but wanted it to be straightened so it looks more shiny and sleek.

Here're the before and after pictures. What do you think?

The process was quite painful (I guess no pain no gain, lol), as it took about 4 hours with different stages. I love how it looked at the end, so it was worth it.

I also had one last mani pedi and nail paiting done before I leave. Very happy with it, but that'd be for another post. The rest of the day will be to finalize the luggage (weight check and rearranging, etc.). Then I'm flying out near midnight. I have a long transit wait in Tokyo, so I might be online to kill time, if I could connect.

A change of plan that I am really excited about: my bf's parents suggested me to stop by and stay with them for a few days before flying back to Halifax. That way, I won't have to celebrate New Year by myself but with Squirt, the bf and his family. Awesome huh? I'll only be about 2-hour drive from Toronto, lol.

Until next post, have awesome holidays ladies!


  1. Your hair look really nice and healthy! Did you get it chemically straightened? I'd love to hear more!

    And have a safe flight, hope you have a happy new year!

  2. Arezu, thank you :-) Yes, it is chemically straightened. It involved having different stuff put on the hair, straight ironing, washing, and then more stuff put on the hair. I didn't pay much attention, so I can't tell what they used. The hair did look more straight and shiny, which I liked :-)

    Happy New Year to you too.

  3. There was a time this kind of perming was really popular in Asia...I remember around 10 years ago my mom coming home looking like a ghost letting her hair falling at the sides of her face (she has really long hair and people said that you are not supposed to put her back at the ears or tie it up)

    The effect was nice (like how yours turn out)but a few years later when the chemical and techinique got really popular, so many girls have that kind of perm matched with razored cut...(So my friend told me that all you need is to look at the hair to tell if a person is fob).

    I think it looks pretty good on your hair because of the layer but I have heard about a lot of shedding problems with all my cousins who did that, so I am scared...

  4. Citrine, I do realize that there will be some side effect of hair straightening, as there always be when chemical is involved. I don't do it very often, so I guess it's ok :-) But yeah, keeping your hair healthy is a big task