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Ho, ho, ho and Jingle Jingle

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Happy holidays, everyone. Nothing big is happening here for Christmas, but it doesn't mean we cannot celebrate :-) I went downtown today to do some last minute shopping and got stuck in a few traffic jams. The streets were so busy, it seemed like no one was moving. Horrible

Anyway, I was browsing youtube one day and found this Ho Ho Ho song from the Chipmunks. It was so cute and just in time for the holidays, so I thought I should share with you all.

I love the Chipmunks, can't wait to see the Squeakquel, lol, especially when they bring out the girls. I never knew they had the Undeniable CD in 2008 or I would have got one :-)

Have a great holiday everyone!


  1. you too!!
    oh man...the cartoon chipmunks were awesome.
    and can't wait to see the next one as well should be cute with the girls XD

  2. We are planning to go see it soon :-)