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NOTD: Nubar Iced Licorice

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My very first... Nubar!

Let's take a break from haul posts with a NOTD. Not that there's anything wrong with those hauls, lol :)

This is Nubar Iced Licorice, from my Blog Sale haul a while back. I wore this right before the LA trip and I really hated to take it off. It was love!

I broke 2 nails before the trip, so the nail length was uneven. But just concentrate on the shade, do you see how gorgeous it is?

This first pic is with flash but the colour isn't that far off with how it looks IRL. It is a lively purple, not flat, if you know what I mean, thanks to the smoky duochrome flash. Not easy to describe, but the moment you see it, you'd be in love with it.

Application was one of the best I have seen, lived up to the Nubar fame that everyone was talking about. On top of that, the brush and the bottle design are great too.

This picture is with indoor natural light, not the best quality, I'm sorry :) It was not easy to catch the sun over here where we seem to have more grey/ foggy days than everywhere else in the country, lol.

Just take my words and get Iced Licorice if you have access to Nubar easily (and cost effectively, lol). Hope I can grow my Nubar "collection" over time. More blog sale hunting? Lol...

A few happy notes:
- I just got myself 2 Melmers - the Michaels' version of IKEA's Helmers. I figured they could do the job until I can get to an IKEA (none here where I live). They are on sale for 40% off this week, if you guys want some :) Now all my polishes have a neat home (no longer shoe boxes), sorted by brands. I might need a third one soon though, lol.

- And omg, Kandee Johnson commented on my IMATS LA pictures post. I was so surprised and happy that she found my blog.

Have a good day, ladies. It looks like the rain streak has stopped and we see some sunlight here today.


  1. Do you have ChGs Grape...something I can't remember the name at the momemt...shoot...but perhaps you know what I am talking about? It seems slightly similiar to that, but not because of the duochrome :)

    anyway its very lovely~ woo for nubar~!

  2. Gorgeous! Such a pretty purple :)

  3. I love that color and that is a must have for my Nubar stash. I need to get a helmer when I go shopping next weekend...hopefully I can find some time. Beautiful color on you.

  4. Soooo purty. It was my first too!

  5. rasilla, lol ChG has a few Grape's :) Love the duochrome on this one for sure

    Michelle, thanks :) I'm getting more into purple now

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, totally agree with you about it being a must have. Helmer is great :)

    Perry, yay for our first :)

  6. I only have a handful of Nubars but Iced Licorice is one of them... and I just love it -- it's such a sophisticated colour I think :)

  7. MartianDelights, yay for another owner of this shade :)