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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was contacted by Joyce who is the owner of the Kawaii Deco Store on facebook a while back to do a review on the fimo slices. The store also carries other deco and accessories for nails, cellphones, cameras, etc.

You probably all know that I have never done any nail arts on my nails by myself before, so I was quite excited to experiment.

This is my first attempt: the flower fimos on top of Ruby Kisses Blue Pearl. I picked this gorgeous dark navy blue so that the light colours of the flowers could show up a bit better.

As I did not have the clear gel that people normally apply on top of the fimo slices to keep them in place, I just put the fimo on when the polish was still wet and used the regular top coat. Look good so far? Lol.

Better close-ups: A large yellow flower on the left hand and a small purple flower on the right hand. Please click the pics to enlarge.

But take a closer look, I wasn't that good. The yellow slice I picked was a little thick - they were all hand cut, so thickness does vary - and I didn't push the edge down on the nail, so the slice was hanging loose.

It didn't take long for the flower to break off the loose end, and there gone my flower. The purple one stayed a bit longer, as it was smaller and thinner. So what I learned is to press the fimo down on the nails so it sticks better and we can avoid any breakage. Fimo, like any kinds of nail arts, takes lots of trial and error experiments to perfect.

Second try: improved!

This time I used the lemon and leaves on top of OPI Have You Seen My Limo?. Love this color, by the way.

The slices were even and of equal size this time. I added them a bit to the sides of the nails instead of right in the middle where the natural curve of the nails is the highest. With a bit of pressure on the edges, they stuck to the nails longer. So, to any newbies like me, fimo is really fun to play with, but don't be discouraged if you can't get it work right the first time.

This is a full shot of the mani. I only did the fimo on the ring fingers, didn't want to go overboard with it. For simpler designs, I would add them all over, lol.

On the second day wearing this, I went to Lush for a little spa session for my hands - scrub, massage, moisturize and stuff. One of the lemon pieces fell off during the process. So if you are going to do house chores or wash dishes with fimo on your nails, remember to wear your gloves, lol.

So, all in all, I enjoy adding some art to my nails. The fimo slices I got were made of good quality material and come in different colours, sizes and patterns. Joyce was very easy to work with and ready to answer all my questions. Shipping was fast too (from her Toronto studio location).

So check out Kawaii Deco Store. As it is on facebook, you can click on the Photos tab to see the products the store offers or Discussions tab for instructions of how to order/ pay, shipping, tutorials, etc.


  1. I have seen these on youtube a few times and thought they were so cute! I never use nail art like this and I think I may give it a try sometime!

  2. Nancy, you def should. It's fun but takes some patience and practice :) I still suck at it