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US Drugstore haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yes, you all know that I'd be hitting the drugstores while in California. There's no way I'd miss it. I'm already stalking Canadian drugstores, so why not US ones? :)

Rite Aid had some specials for their Wellness card holders.

Thought Canadians wouldn't be able to get a card, but they gave me one, with just my phone number. Very impressed with that.

- Borghese Stellare Notte, $5 with card
- NYC Extreme Lip GLider gloss in Chinatown Cherry and Carnegie Melon ($2.99, plus BOGO 1/2)
- Revlon Creme gloss in Fiercely Fushsia and Crush On Coral ($2.49 each - 75% off).

There were a few other BOGO1/2 promos going on too but they excluded LE colours, so I didn't want to get anything else.

We found an Ulta near my friend's place. While browsing around, I noticed a little basket with items with red stickers.

Turned out, it was Bourjois 75% off, guess it was cleared out.

- Effet 3D MAX lipgloss in Rose Acidule and Framboise Ardent, $.74. Yes, seventy four cents, crazy clearance (reg. $16 or CAD20)
- Brush concealer in Beige Rose, $.74 (crazy again, lol, reg. $15 or CAD19.50)
- Round Pot eyeshadows in Noir Precieux and Violet Absolu, LE packaging, $3.50 each (reg. $14 or CAD17)
- Round Pot blush in Rose D'or, $3.75 (reg. $15 or CAD19).

We went to Walmart for Hard Candy. No sales, but I heard the brand wouldn't make it to Canada until late summer, so I caved.

- Moon Glow Luminizing powder, $8 (CP for a friend)
- Mr. Wrong polish, $5
- Meteor-eyes Baked Glitter eyeshadow in Supernova, $6.

Stock on this brand wasn't great at this location, selection was limitted. Some items were even opened (the plastic seals were gone). At least I found ones that were still in tact, and the Moon Glow was the last one on the shelf.

2 CVS trips for their famous 75% off sale. The stores used their Courtesy card for my purchases, so I can't say whether they could issue a card for Canadians.

At the first CVS:

- L'Oreal Infallible Anti-imperfection concealer in Medium, $2.75
- L'Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Authentic, $2.49
- Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Color Comfort Lip color in Rose Bloom, $2.49; Natural Shine Lip gloss in Juicy Cherry, $1.99 and Ultra Soothing Lip tint in Guava, $1.99
- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in Sunrise, Sunset, $1.25.

I didn't have luck finding SH lip products at Dollarama, so I figured I would get them on sale in the US. Dollarama price (CAD2) is certainly still better.

I found some Rimmel and Milani at the second CVS:

- Milani Buzz Worthy Lip gloss in Bee-utiful and Bee Bold, $1.75 each
- Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Paradise and Crush, $1.32.

A few slots on the shelves with the 75% stickers - the foundations and mascara, I think - were already empty when I got there, so I did miss a few things :) I love these brands, so the haul could be a lot bigger if they had more in stocks.

At Walgreens, I only got nail polish, as there were some sales on them.

- Sinful Colors nail polish in Mint Apple, Green Ocean and Soul Mate, $.99 (reg. $1.99).
- Wet 'n Wild nail polish in Casting Call and Night Prowl, reg. $.99 with BOGO 1/2.

The sale on Sinful Colors were only applicable at certain stores, not nation-wide, which was never heard of at Walgreens, lol. Wasn't I lucky to experience it first hand?

That's all I got from the drugstores. I didn't do too badly, did I? :) No true BOGO deals at the time, except for Cover Girl eye products, so I was a little sad, lol. I used some online coupons for the items I got, love US coupon sites.


  1. Very nice haul! Haha. I see you finally got some of the baked stuff from HC--I'm surprised you didn't get more! :) What do you think of Mr. Wrong now that you've seen it in person?

    PS: So glad you got one of those Carmindy lipsticks. They are so wonderful.

  2. that is an amazing haul! Lots of things in there I would love to try! I may have to take a trip down soon just for some drugstore shopping!!!

  3. OMG! you got green ocean!!! XD only found out about this recently when I was doing a search for more accessible flakies~

    But no matter where you go...the awesome deals follow XD seriously the bourjois?~ dannnnggg!

    kk, love these awesome scores :)

  4. Hi Halifax, thank you so much for your support through these hard times. Your comment means a lot to me!

  5. wowzers! i was just in the states for the day last week but didn't check out any of the U.S drug stores :( oh well, next time I will defiantly have to try. great haul!

  6. Nancy, it is really fun running around US drugstores. There're always sales going on

    R, thanks to you, lol. There were only 3 shades of HC baked shadows, some were already opened, so I couldn't pick more. So glad there were still some Carmindy stuff left when I went :)

    rasilla, yep, it was a hard hunt, some stores didn't have Green Ocean. Didn't know you wanted one. Bourjois was a lucky find :)

    Gaby, that's what we are here for: supporting each other. Hope you feel better

    Danielle, yes you can't miss US drugstores, so much fun, lol

  7. Ooooh awesome deal you got! Especially with the Bourjois products! I'm so happy for you =)

  8. Fay, yes that was a totally lucky find. Thanks hun