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Blog sale haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The bad polish addict in me stroke again as I fell for a huge blog sale on nail polish. Come see how many bottles I ended up with, lol. It's crazy with any polish blog sale, as you have to search for swatches, and put your name in for them, hoping no one else did before you.

I picked the shades I always wanted or the ones with brands I haven't owned any. It was a really hard job to decide on the final list, I'm telling you.

First row: Nubar Greener and Iced Licorice, Piggy Polish Piglet.
I decided on the 2 Nubar shades the moment I saw the swatches. Have to admire the blogger who sold them, as they are way too pretty to part with.

Second row: Star Gazer #138, Orly Velvet Rope, Lollipop and Spark.
Velvet Rope is stunning in the bottle with a nice amount of shimmer. Hope I can swatch it soon. I love the rubbery handles, didn't mind to get 2 more from Orly.

Here come the China Glaze. You all have seen these shades around: Blk-Bila-Bong, Orange Marmalade, Let's Do It in 3D and Social Animal. It's just me, the late "boomer" that haven't owned them yet, lol.

I needed Orange Marmalade to complete my Summer Days collection - the one collection I want to own the whole thing.

Kaleidoscope collection would be another one, so glad I got Let'd Do It in 3D.

Can't say I know much about Social Animal, but it looked pretty on blogs, and so did Blk-Bila-Bong.

Last batch: the OPI :)

You have seen my OPI Stash which was 3 colours and a top coat, then I got My Private Jet from VNS. And now I double the stash with Have You Seen My Limo?, Catherine the Grape, Parlez-vous OPI, Do You Lilac It? and Teal the Cows Come Home.

I was all settled with not having anymore OPI, as they are too darn expensive to buy now that etailers can't sell them. Surprisingly, nobody snagged these shades before me, so I was lucky to have them.

Should I be settled down now, lol? Darn, now I have to go back and take new stash pictures again for the brands I haven't posted about. Hope you guys don't take haul posts as showing off. I am just too excited and wanted to share. Cheers!


  1. What blog sale did you get them from? Beautiful!

  2. great snags at the blog sale~ love the set~

  3. Natalie, it was from A Stroke of Color, she still has tons of stuff on there

    rasilla, Jackie, thanks huns :) I'm lucky