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My stash - OPI

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

See, told ya, I only have 3 OPI colours and they are all DS. Like I said, they are normally way out of my price range. The only reason why I have them is they weren't at regular price.

The duo on the left is the "Designs of Spring" set with DS Reflection and the DS Top Coat. I haven't got to try them out yet, can't say whether the top coat works well on the DS.

And on the right are DS Vintage and DS Fantasy which I was lucky to find at a blog sale. I'm crazy about blog sales, so many gems to find.

As you probably heard, etailers will stop offering OPI on their sites (at good price) very soon. Not that I could afford international shipping very often, but I'd love having the option to buy when I can. Now I can only stare at nice swatches on blogs and find alternatives from other brands. It is hard to be a polish fanatic sometimes :)


  1. I don't have a single OPI. *sigh*

  2. oooh.... i have ds glow, sapphire and with tapestry coming soon!
    yet to swatch them thou

  3. That's it???? Good for you for saving $$ :)
    Now let's see your ENTIRE nail polish collection!

  4. I bought my mum one OPI before the lawsuits started, now I guess I won't be getting anymore for her or me =/

  5. Rhea, sorry hun. There're lots of brands out there that I never tried either. Don't be sad.

    Jamie, Glow looks great in swatches, I just don't know when I can get it.

    A, yes, that's it for OPI, lol. I'm slowly getting to show my entire collection

    SilhouetteScreams, yeah, we have to settle with no OPI now

  6. Hey! do they sell OPI in Halifax? I hope I will be able to find some there! You get China Glaze at Sally's right? Maybe I will have to move on to those if OPI is not readily available!!!

  7. OPI is available at Chatters in Halifax, but at quite a price ($10 reg. and $15 for DS), and colour selection is ok, not great. China Glaze is easier to find (at Sally, yes) and sometimes at Winners too