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NOTD: OPI DS Fantasy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The weather forecast said it was going to be warm and sunny last Saturday, so I pulled out an OPI DS for the holo full effect.

Lol, I only have 3 DS shades, and Fantasy was picked. It is a gorgeous navy blue with micro blue/ silver glitters.

On Friday night when I did my nails, it just looked really dark and no holo/ shimmer at all. I took this picture with flash after I was done, and the glitters did show up but not the holo.

I don't think I have any colour like this in the stash (but again, I don't always look at the stash all together, so there might be something hiding in there that I don't remember seeing, lol).

This second picture was under direct sunlight, taken Saturday afternoon. Squirt and I were sitting at the bus stop after a fun morning at the children fun fair, so the background was the stair steps we sat on, lol.

Still not very visible holo effect, but I loved the colour and the finish. One of the tips chipped the next day, really a bummer.

I would have to remove it Sunday night anyway, but it'd be nice to expect a little better wear than 1 day from an expensive brand like OPI (a DS is CAD14.95 in Chatters around here). I got this shade from a blog sale, so the price point was right. If I paid full price, I'd want my money back on this one.


  1. Beautiful color, I think I MIGHT have paid FP for it (14$ US) but it's hard to find one like it in another brand so I guess that was part of my justification.

  2. I love dark blue nails (I love shades like this most on my toesies!).

    p.s. I nominated you for a blog award

  3. thats a perfect name for that lovely colour!! p.s come enter my contest if you'd like! :)

  4. Bunny Masseuse, it is a HTF colour indeed. It just bugs me that it doesn't wear well

    Mel, thanks for the award hun :)

    Jenny, you said it :) Will check out your contest

  5. My China Glaze LOL was a bit like this :( it just looked like purple nail polish unless it was under really strong artificial light (weirdly enough it only likes to show upin my bathroom light). I would just stare at my nails obsessively to try and see the holo, and probably looked like a right creeper.

    I find the Milani 3D holos to be much better :D

  6. SilhouetteScreams, I don't have LOL but it's interesting that its holo didn't show up for you in low light. But some Milani 3Ds didn't have strong holo either :)