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NOTD: Claire's Grey Matte (Update)

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Remember my bad experience with Claire's Matte Grey during my Toronto trip? I wore it without a base and top coat, and it chipped within one day.

I was in love with the colour, so I decided to give it one more chance. This time, I did the whole process, and by the second day, I only saw minimal tip wear. Check out the pics below. The flash brought out the blue tint a bit more than IRL, but it's pretty either way.

On the left is my left hand, the mani looked as good as the first day. On my right hand, there was tip wear on my 3 of my fingers (click the picture for larger view). This is good enough for me, as I would change my nail colour within 2-3 days anyway. I'm just glad the colour works with a base coat. Too bad the satin finish wasn't pretty with this shade, but I have no problem wearing it with a top coat.

So now I have to make sure I bring a base/top coat with me if I plan to wear colours on my nails when I travel. A bit of a pain to pack, but I don't want to see a 1-day-old chipped mani on me ever again :)

Do you give a failed polish a second chance, or just toss it?


  1. i love these kind of greys!!! worth a little extra effort, i think, looks great with your skin tone!

  2. Nope, I'm a one strike you are out kinda polish gal :)

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments, ladies :) It is so worth it.

    Bunny Masseuse, give them another chance, lol