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NOTD: Claire's Matte Grey

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

When I was packing for the Toronto trip last week, I was thinking hard what to bring with me. It was a short trip, but still, a polish can chip anytime and I didn't want to be caught with chipped polish on my nails.

I decided to go with some matte polish, to save me from having to bring base and top coat as well.

One of the picks was Claire's Matte Grey. The colour is work safe (as I had to wear it at the conference) and Claire's polish normally has good wear. I was wrong this time.

First, it was not matte. As you can see by the flash, the shade has a satin finish, without a top coat. There was nothing matte there.

Second, application was horrible. I managed to get an even look on my left hand, but the nails on the right hand had a few bubbles. Failed!

And lastly, the polish chipped within 1 day. I was very disappointed and had to paint my nails again that night. Part of this was my fault for not packing the base coat, but come on, 1 day?

I do like the way this colour looked on me, and I'll give it a second chance next time with a base coat (and maybe top coat too, as I kinda dislike the finish). But for now, it remains to be a thumbs-down.

And btw, my Gosh giveaway ends tomorrow night, so get your entries in if you haven't already.


  1. Ohhhh this color looks so COOOL but its sad to know it chipped so soon :(

  2. Oh wow...that is such a cool grey color!!! I love it.

  3. Yeah, matte polishes chip like a bitch. Even if they don't dry entirely matte. I hate that about them. So I end up top coating all of them.

  4. Great to see that you ladies like the colour like I did. Wish Claire's could do something about the wear :-)

    Perry, if it lasted long enough, I would have gone to find a top coat for it, lol