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Freedom Makeup Romance&Jewels

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Jumping to the opposite end of the finish spectrum of Freedom Makeup Audacious Mattes Pro 12 palette, I have the Romance and Jewels palette for you today :)

If you can't tell by the picture, all shades in this palette are either shimmery (different degrees of shimmers) or with fine glitters. I do enjoy going to the extremes!

This palette is warm toned, another opposite spectrum compared to the Audacious Mates, with lots of browns and a few dark shades. A little more colour varieties. If you know me, you can tell that I would be drawn by that deep plum at the end of the middle row :)

In natural light, the colours appear more muted than with flash, but the glitters are still pretty much visible. The good thing is they are fine enough to not transfer to the lids.

Swatches (damp brush, no primer):
- First row: the 2 bronzed browns are awesome.
- Second row: 3 good lid colours and the plum is dark enough to be almost black in certain lighting.

- Third row: the first 2 shades are the darker version of the 2 bronze colours on the first row, smooth with beautiful metallic sheen.

What we need to specifically discuss are the last 2 shades. They have strong colour payoff, good pigmentation but also fallout issues. I would recommend doing your eye makeup before foundation, if you plan to use either of them.

Again, like Audacious Mattes, Romance & Jewels will not be a stand-alone palette for me but together, they are great, good mix of colours and finishes.


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