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Freedom Makeup Audacious Matte

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Now that we started the week looking at hundreds of lip products in that giant acrylic lipstick tower of mine yesterday, and we talked about Freedom Makeup Pro Melts and Pro lipsticks 2 weeks ago, let's change it up and talk eyeshadows instead :)

Freedom Makeup has a lineup of Pro 12 palettes that cater a wide range of colours and finish preferences. As the name suggests, each palette has 12 shades, supposedly with HD formula and decorative corner patterns on the surface (NARS Dual Intensity palette style). The clear plastic lid gives a good peek of colours inside but that would mean no mirror inside, only a dual-ended sponge tip applicator.

The first Pro 12 palette I wanted to get obviously was the Audacious Mattes, with all matte eyeshadows, no shimmers.

First impression: the colours are matte all right, but they don't offer varieties, too many beige/ brown colours. I can understand the intention of different brow bone highlight and transition options, but a number of shades show up on the eyes very similarly (see below).

For that exact reason, to me, Audacious Mattes is only ideal as a transition palette, not great on its own. After 2 weeks of testing it (and 2 other palettes that you will see shortly), I craved badly for colourful eyeshadows.

The swatches (with a damp brush, no primer):
- First row (left): very similar (as mentioned), with slightly different pigmentation. I don't have a favorite.
- Middle row (right): only the last shade shows a difference.

- Last row (below): the darker mattes perform. All 4 shades are pigmented, do not need to build up much, perfect for the crease and/or outer V area. Just wish the black were more intense.

The finish: the eyeshadows feel a little harder to the touch, do kick up a bit of powder in the pan after a brush. They would turn a little cakey if the brush is too damp (see the swatch of the last colour in the first row above).

The lasting power: reasonable. With a primer, fading starts a few hours after lunch.

Audacious Mattes is a nice cool toned neutral matte palette for more day than night looks, offers lots of inner lid/ transition colours. Unless you only wear neutral eyes to work, I'd suggest pairing it with other colour family tones to change things up.

Freedom Makeup Pro 12 palettes are 12g, £4 each (about CAD8 + shipping), with promotions offered quite often. In comparisons:
- L'Oreal La Palette Nude: 10 shades, 17.5g, CAD23.96, same width, more length.
- Annabelle Smokey Nudes: 10 shades, 9.3g, CAD12.95, also smaller in measurement.


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