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Freedom Makeup Secret Rose

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Today we have a Freedom Makeup Pro 12 palette that fits in between Audacious Mattes and Romance & Jewels in both colour spectrum and finish: Secret Rose :)

I like the fact that Secret Rose offers more matte than shimmery shades - the whole first row, the third shade in the second row and 2 middle shades in the last row, while maintaining an nice gradient of colours from off-white to darker plum with lots of browns in the mix.

And look closely, there are some complicated shades - last shade in second row, first and last shades in the last row - where the almost matte base is mixed with super fine glitters that transfer very little to the lid. The subtle metallic sheen they give is pretty.

The glitters are obviously less visible and more muted in natural light but the mattes would show up more.

Swatches (damp brush, no primer):
- First row: My favorite transition shade in Secret Rose is the second shade from the left.
- Second row: Second shade from the right is another great (darker) transition shade. The last shade was a surprised pigmented one with that metallic sheen that I mentioned.

- Last row deserves 2 pictures to show off the fine glitters in the first and last shades. The 2 in the middle are great too.

If you can't tell by now, Secret Rose turned out to be my most favorite palette among the 3 I bought :) The lineup has a lot more to explore, if any of you are planning an order.


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