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Freedom Makeup Pro lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Told you it's lip products for the week :)

If the Freedom Makeup Pro Melts I reviewed yesterday didn't interest you, or if you prefer the traditional lipstick form, I have Freedom Makeup Pro lipsticks to show you today.

The line is quite extensive with 25 shades, categorized in colour families, £1 a pop or 5-piece set for £4.

The shades I got were part of the free GWP, not my choice, but represent a good range of colours. I'm quite happy with them, not complaining.

From L-R:
- Pro Pink lipstick in 101 Flushed
- Pro Red lipstick in 109 Red Wine
- Pro Bare lipstick in 115 Mannequin
- Pro Now lipsticks (latest shades) in 117 Juicy Lips and 119 Adorn
- Far Away lipstick (space themed collection) in Space Luxe.

Standard black tube with colour indication at the bottom and silver tube under the cap, quite sturdy and does not look cheap, considering the low price.

These Pro lipsticks remind me of Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical lipsticks in how they swatch and feel, and the finish they give, just slightly less sheer, less moisturizing and without a candy scent.

101 Flushed is slightly cool toned, so I wear it as a sheer wash of pink or with a warm liner underneath.

109 Red Wine looks pure red here but shows its pink base more on the lips, still quite bright.

115 Mannequin is appropriately name, the lip version of "mannequin hand" nail polish. 117 Juicy Lips - the first shade in the second group shown below, is Mannequin with more peach.

They are both quite sheer, show almost no colour on me, best worn with a liner.

119 Adorn is the berry version of 109 Red Wine above, with equally good colour payoff.

Space Luxe is truly space-y, good for those special occasions where you want a sheer gold sheen on top of another lip product. It does not build up very well on its own.

The Pro lipsticks will not be the most pigmented nor full coverage lip products in your stash but they are comfortable on the lips and easy to wear. They do not last any longer than other lipsticks though, nothing to rush out and buy right away :)