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NYC Expert Last (Matte) lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It is 10:30 right now, it has been snowing all night and the wind is still brutal. I haven't tried to get out to shovel (if I can get out at all, since snow is now as high as my window and the back door is blocked).

Thank you so much for your support and kind comment on yesterday's post. My heart is still heavy but I'll plow through, just like I will with the snow and winter this year.

These 3 pretties are NYC's new Expert Last (Satin Matte) lipsticks. Now I did review the Expert Last lipstick line before on the blog, but there are 5 new shades with "Satin Matte" finish that I am certainly curious about.

I bought 3 boldest ones - Pure Coral, Velvety Fuchsia and Red Suede (0.11oz/ 3.2g, CAD1.77 each or 2/CAD3). The other 2 were sold out at my location.

The only indication of the finish of these lipsticks is the "Satin Matte" label on the safety wrap (and on the display). Once you remove the wrap, they look exactly the same as other Expert Last lipsticks. And they still do not fully swivel down.

Note that these Satin Matte lipsticks have a sweet candy scent to them. I do recall the Expert Last line having a light scent but not this sweet. Prepare yourself for that.

And, as you can see in the swatches, the lipsticks are not matte (or satin matte) at all. I had so much hope for them :(

Pure Coral shows up more like a pink to me. I could use a coral shade for Spring, if it comes.

Velvety Fuchsia is just like the name, a hot pink fuchsia. More fuchsia than Forever Fuchsia from the regular line.

Red Suede is stunning and bold, a classic red. Red Rapture from the regular line is slightly darker.

I am left a little disappointed with the finish of the lipsticks. The colours are pretty so they will join my stash, but it would really refreshing if I can get more matte lipsticks from the drugstores. Stay tuned to see the colours in future FOTDs.


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