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A test post and its results

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a dark stormy night... Just kidding! Well it is stormy right now but the point of this post isn't it. I want to apologize to those of you, my lovely readers on Sparkled Beauty, for the pictures in the post earlier today that should have remained unseen.

You might or might not know, my blog feed is shared on a local social site called Haligonia (together with other local blogs) and they kindly tweet out our new posts daily. In the last month or so, I got a few mean tweets (as replies to the tweets by Haligonia) that were uncalled for. I am on twitter a lot, so that kinda hurts.

The mani I showed you today did not meet any blogging quality but I posted it as a test. If a normal post got some hate, what about a bad post? You guys on here were too nice to say anything. Twitter, however, tore it apart, without mercy.

I proved to myself that I am not built for publicity and at this point in my life, I don't need it. This winter has been the hardest I have experienced. So I replaced the post with a green Keep Calm sign (for St. Patrick's Day) and will not seek exposure with Haligonia twitter anymore. I still blog on, rest assured. Just thought I owe you an explanation.


  1. Okay so after reading this I had to look up what people had the audacity to say about your post! Given, it isn't the best paint job in town but not all of us can paint our nails like a professional! I would never even think to say anything bad about someone else's blogging. If they enjoy what they do then they should keep doing it and no one should bring them down! It's especially ridiculous that people from your own city would say such mean things. They should support you, not belittle you because of a smudge of nail polish! You're a wonderful blogger and I know a lot of people enjoy your photos and posts, don't let people hiding behind computers dull your "sparkle"! ;)

    1. Yes, it hurts when you guys support me and people in my town put me down. I guess they don't understand blogging and the passion we have for it. Still, it seems too easy for them to throw mean words at otheres. I still believe in "When you don't have nice things to say... " but lots of people believe in "free speech" and they don't hesitate to hurt others with their words.

      I will keep my sparkles going. Thank you for your kind comment!

  2. This makes me sad.. You shouldn't worry about what people say!
    I love making youtube videos. I dont get many views but it makes me happy and I love taking the time to do it. I feel like with you its the same, you love doing this, and sure you dont get a million views like some crazy famous youtubers, but you still have people who devote time to read your blog and look at your photos and Im sure you enjoy getting all prettied up to take your pictures! :)
    People will just say mean things no matter what. On one of my videos, this random person commented how fat I was, Congrats to them for having eyes (lol) They then went on all my videos and commented hateful things but it didnt stop me, I just kept making them because I loved to film and edit makeup videos! Just ignore and delete the comments.
    Also, no one is perfect. I bet the kind of people who were commenting mean things on your recent photos are icky nail bitters! They are just jealous of your long nails because they have little stumpy chewed off nubs! haha.
    Anywho, that was a bit rambly, Sorry :p Just dont worry about it. People say mean things for no reason, That doesnt mean you should stop doing what you enjoy =)
    ps, that mint green in your st patricks day post was super pretty, I actually liked how you layered it over the shimmery green, playing up monochrome nails and playing with different finishes :)

    1. Thank you so much, Courtney, for your comment. This won't stop me blogging on my own platform here. I just don't need the extra drama that comes with extra exposure. Support of readers like you will keep me going.

      I wish people would notice the beauty of the nail polish (like you) instead of attacking my application. But you are right, I will keep doing what I love and this is my blog. Thank you for sticking with me!

  3. Frankly... what a bunch of dicks. I didn't see the previous post, but I'm intrigued that you did it as a test run. Smart move, I think. And yep, ditch any negativity. You don't need it (hell, no one does) and those people aren't worth your time.

    1. Rachelle, thank you so much. It was a NOTD post with smudges of polish on my cuticles. Life would be much nicer without negativity, you are right!