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Hard Candy Spring 2015

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was excited when Hard Candy came out with their new Spring/ Summer products in the US but could not find an exclusive list of what are available in Canada.

I headed to Walmart and grabbed what I could find. Some stuff were sold out, some did not even have a slot on the shelf, so these are just a few things I tried and liked, to get you started with Spring :)

We had a huge snow storm with +25cm of snow. Squirt and I spent 2 hours digging ourselves out. Needless to say, our backs and arms are killing us today.

Here are what I got.

Remember I mentioned the sneak peak of these eyeshadow palettes in a Flyer deal post before?

I decided to go with the Natural Eyes palette ($7.98) since it has a good combination of finishes and colours:
- 9 eyeshadows (0.39oz/ 11.1g in total) - 4 mattes (3 on the first row and 1 in lower left corner), 3 shimmers (first 2 on second row and middle on third row) and 2 glitters (last on second and third row)
- Eyes the Limit long-wear eyeshadow primer mini (0.17oz/ 5g vs. 0.46oz/ 13g full size)
- Take Me Out eyeliner mini in Soy (0.017oz/ 0.5g vs. 0.029oz/ 0.8g full size).

The look cards and a mirror are included as well. Everything you need for your eye look. Check out the swatches.

I am sold on this palette - the mattes are easy to blend, the shimmers and glitters are pigmented and not over the top. Lighter shades for work days and bold dark shades for weekends. I cannot rave about it enough, especially for the price.

The primer dries satin matte, works well on the looks I did and the liner does not smudge or flake. The minis are tiny though, would not last very long.

EDIT to add: Words are this palette is quite close to the shade range in Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I can cross off the Too Faced version now.

Another product that I wanted to try right away once I heard about it: Glamoflauge Invisible camouflage foundation (1.1oz/ 34ml, $6.98).

The shade range has about 5, I chose Light Medium which quite matches my skin tone.

The packaging does not giveaway the inexpensive price tag on the product. Sturdy plastic bottle, nice metal cap and a pump!

I have heard raves and hates on this foundation. On me, it is a good one - dries satin matte and does not make my skin look oily. I test the foundation on its own and find it wears off after about 4-5 hours. This would be improved with a primer.

Now the pretty one - an Ombre baked blush in Punch ($6.98).

I can't say I know any beauty junkies who say no to an ombre blush. I have been lemming MAC Ripe Peach for so long, could not fork out the money for it. Now I am content with Punch :)

This is the only shade I found on the shelf, not sure if we get Sunburst (the darker pink one, which I prefer for pigmentation, based on swatches I had seen). I'll take what I can get.

Just for reference, this blush is slightly smaller than Elf baked blushes (0.18oz/ 5g vs. 0.21 oz/ 6g), so Elf still has better price point. They don't have an ombre one though.

Here are the swatches of the foundation smeared by my finger after coming out of the pump. Creamy enough but once blended, like I said, it dries semi matte.

With the blush, I run the blush brush a few times along the middle where 2 shades meet and apply. That way, the blush and highlight stay intact on the cheeks and I will blend out the edges.

I did not try the swirling method on this blush, just personal preference. As you can see, this is a glowy type of blush but subtle in pigmentation. Beware before you buy.

I believe the Fierce Effects shadow duos are not new this Spring but I haven't got around to try one, so I got Slow & Steady ($4.98).

I am loving the price already! The size of the eyeshadows (0.11oz/ 3.2g) is almost the same as L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows (0.12oz/ 3.5g) for about a quarter of the price.

You know I love L'Oreal Infallibles, I have almost every shades there are except for the purples with less pigmentation. And let me tell you, these Fierce Effects are on point!

Can't deny the fact that they look quite identical to the Infallibles - the packaging, the stopper, the texture, etc.

What appeals to me even more, besides the price, is the marbleized look of the shades. Mind you, they don't show up that way on the lid, but are pretty to look at, like the ombre blush above, aren't they?

The look card included in the box shows the V trick (outer V), C trick (crease) and E trick (outer V and outer lower lash line). Kinda fun to put a name to the application method.

Are you ready for the swatches?

I have no words. They are smooth, pigmented and glowy, just like the Infallibles. I will need more!

So, Hard Candy spring launches have been a success for me, I would not mind spending my money one bit.

Continue on with Spring products part II for reviews of The Fast & Fabulous makeup setting spray, the eyeshadow primers and Plumping Serum lipsticks and gloss.


  1. that brown infallible like shadow is really pretty! and what great prices

  2. I definitely need to try the Fierce Effects!! :D

  3. I really hope I can find that natural eye palette near me! I did pick up the foundation :)

  4. fyi I want all of these items. I am never going to find them at my empty store though. I cannot wait to see what you do with them