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FOTD: Hard Candy & NYC

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yesterday was one big white-out around here, 60+ cm on top of what accumulated from previous snow falls, plus blowing snow, made shoveling very challenging.

The whole city was shut down. Buses are still not running this morning. Huge snow banks, unploughed streets and sidewalks everywhere. It will take days :(

Forgive my rugged look while I am raising my white flag to Old Man Winter. Can't touch my brows until my shaping/ tinting appointment next week, so bear with me.

Just want to show you a quick look using Hard Candy Spring products:
- Glamoflauge foundation in Light Medium (no concealer)
- Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette: a few eyeshadows on the lids, lower lash line (smudged) and brows, together with Eyes the Limit eyeshadow primer and Take Me Out eyeliner
- Ombre baked blush in Punch as blush and highlight.

On the lips is NYC Expert Last (Satin Matte) lipstick in Red Suede. Told you it is stunning!

The only extra product I used is Essence I ♥ Extreme Crazy Volume mascara, the hot pink tube. Forgot how well it separates my lashes, not sure about volume though. Great for layering.

That is it from me today. I can go on and on about the snow and how depressed I am with it, but you probably heard enough. The positive note is I still believe in kindness. I received the best support from you guys since I posted about mean tweets.

In town last night, a baby was born whose mother was helped through snow banks to get to the hospital safely. It warms my heart. Just hope people don't take their weather frustration out on others.

Hope things are looking up where you are!


  1. Very pretty! ^_^

    Stay safe and warm!! People in Texas are generally okay during the winter; it's just the long summers where everyone starts getting cranky... lol

    1. Thanks :) I was about to go very cranky too, but the sun came out yesterday. Still mad because of shoveling, but at least it looked nice out