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Revlon Selects - Makeup

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's Snow Day in Halifax today. Squirt is excited for going sledding on the hill. And me? I talk about makeup, equally fun lol. This is the makeup part of the Revlon Selects program that I participated in.

The lip product is Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Backstage, supposed to have a velvety soft formula with moisturizing shea butter and aloe.

And the eye product is Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow palette in Metropolitan - 3 eyeshadows, a primer and a sparkle. I like the subtle hint of the colour placement using the eye-shaped  arrangement on the palette.

Close up of the colours when the lids are off.

Backstage looks like a really dark red, housed in a cool slim tube with clicking locking mechanism to make sure the lipstick swivels all the way down. No risk of nicking or scraping the product while we try to open or close the lid. Good packaging!

Metropolitan is a neutral palette of sort, based on the colour scheme. The sparkle and the primer add a fun kick to the eyeshadows, as you will see in swatches below.

Here are the 3 eyeshadows on the top, the primer, the sparkle and the lipstick on the bottom.

The eyeshadows are great, soft (but not crumbly), though they do take a little more building up to get to the intensity I wanted here. They blend quite easily and last almost through the day with primer.

The light pink with a light hint of peach is close to my skin tone, good for brow bone highlight.

The silver swatches more like a light brown with silver sparkles than a straight up silver in the pan. At certain light angle, it even shows a little duo-chrome effect, which you know is perfectly fine with me.

The satin dark brown has the most pigmentation among them all, makes it the best outer corner shade.

The primer has very soft texture, so go light hand with your brush or you will scrape off a big chunk of product. It is an icy pink, with a finish that is somewhere between powder and cream. It can work as a quick primer when you are tight in time, but I tend to use it as inner corner highlight more.

And the sparkle, oh the sparkle! Beautiful old gold with amazing shine. It, like the silver above, looks darker on my hand than in the palette. I didn't use any primer here, if you are wondering, just more swipes than usual for all colours.

I ended up loving the palette more than I thought, mainly because some colours offered surprises inside them. Love the variety of finishes and different uses for them too.

The lipstick, on the other hand, shows up not as dark as it looks in the tube. I was hoping for a vampy red/ burgundy but it turns out a cool red. It is sheer, takes about 4 swipes to look opaque on my hand. It does carry a light sheen, not complete matte, not drying but feels a little tight after about 3-4 hours before it starts to wear off fast.

Check out the FOTD featuring these products in person. Hope everyone stays safe and warm.


  1. I have this palette, too! I thought it was interesting that they included a powder primer as opposed to a cream one. I also really like that sparkly colour!

    1. Agreed :) To me, the primer is between powder and cream, but yes, very convenient