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NOTD: Layla The Butterfly Effect

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's flakie time :) I have for you today Layla 52 The Butterfly Effect, the intense flakie colour that I had my eyes on the first time I saw the Layla Ceramic Effect display. It took a bit of hunting to finally find it :)

This nail polish is definitely a beauty. The flakes are orange, floating in a dark purple base. Very pretty in the bottle and on the nails.

All pictures except the one with flash were taken outdoor, in the shade, with fresh snow as the background. A very Canadian thing to do for a winter NOTD, isn't it? :)

All fingers have a coat of the base colour (Revlon Royal Cloak) and a coat of Layla The Butterfly Effect, except the ring finger (no base, two coats of The Butterfly Effect). Please click the pics for larger view of the flakes.

Opacity wise, two coat by itself, The Butterfly Effect still shows VNL (only visible in pictures though). With an opaque base colour underneath, one coat is all you need, unless you want more flakie intensity.

I am happy with the way this mani turned out. And dark purple is just the bomb.

The Butterfly Effect looks a little different under flash - the flakies shine a little bit more while the purple base looks more sheer. This proves a base colour before the flakes is a better idea.

I kinda like the long bottle shape of Layla nail polish, save space in my melmer and is easy to hold. Medium sized (10ml). For this particular shade, I need a jumbo bottle :)

The brush is also long but not hard to paint with. The width is perfect, not too wide nor narrow.

Close up, look at the flakies!!! Sorry I couldn't help the excitement.

So, my first experience with Layla Ceramic Effect is a really good one, if you can't tell already. I see that  Layla has a lot of shades in this line but Lawtons only had about 6 on the one display. I'm just glad that we get The Butterfly Effect :)

If you haven't seen the new product updates, Layla has moved on with Bubbly and Caviar Effect lines. Needless to say, I'm more excited for Bubbly Effect, but will wait it out a bit because of the high price tag ($14.99).


  1. This one showed up my Layla, too, but I had no idea it had a name--just a number on the bottle i grabbed.

    1. Yeah, they don't print the name on the bottle, I had to look it up :)

  2. Gah found these in London drugs clearance section today... Had to google to see swatches and thanks for the name. It just says N 17. May just pick it up :/ cause I need more flakies lol

    1. Good to see London Drugs carry Layla, more access for you guys out West. This shade is def a must have :)