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NOTD: Different Dimension Gnarly

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am excited to start showing you the 80's Baby collection from Different Dimension.

It has been a while since I shop on etsy for indie polishes, I was just overwhelmed, too many brands with so much to offer.

I loved the look of some nail polish from Different Dimension but couldn't afford the Canadian shipping rate. Until the New Year 35% off sale, I figured the saving will pay for shipping, so I got the whole 80's Baby collection of 6 scattered neon holos, $55 reg. Shipping to Canada for the set was $13.75 at the time and $22 now (or $7 first bottle and $1.50 for each additional one). I'm not sure if that $22 is a typo, doesn't make sense.

Anyway, this pretty green is called Gnarly. Interesting choice of word, I had to look it up to see what it meant :)

Right off the bat, I knew that I am dealing with scattered holos, i.e. the holographic effect is subtle, not in your face. I still prefer strong linear holos but companies have been ignoring bright colours with their holos, so I wanted to get these babies :)

Gnarly carries itself quite well on my nails. It is bright, yes, with holo effect that comes out under bright/ yellow light. I took these pics with flash, hoping it is the easiest way to show you the holo. Under indoor lighting, I can't say I see much of that effect.

Now you see it better with the close up here. Make sure to click for larger view of the pics.

Application was smooth and easy. I did two coats of the colour on top of my regular base coat, followed by my regular top coat and they didn't dull the holo look.

This colour lasted about two days before I removed it, not extremely great but not too bad either.

So, I am loving it, Gnarly :) If anything, I wish the brand considers a lower shipping rate for us Canadians, and maybe make more holos, the strong type.

With expectation of China Glaze Hologram and Color Club Halo Hues (2012 and 2013), I still wish for more holographic nail polish. Yes, I do.


  1. The shipping increase likely isn't a typo. As of this week, USPS's prices for international shipping have skyrocketed :(

    1. I heard about that, but other items' shipping is still pretty reasonable, only this set isn't, so I don't know :)