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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I haven't done a haul for a while, tried to slow down a little in obtaining new pretties. It is not as easy as it sounds, considering Spring launches are everywhere.

I gave in at Shoppers this weekend for the lip products I wanted. Even though they still cost more there with a sale, they are on bonus points and I got $10 gift card with the weekend promo.

I got Maybelline Colour Whisper lipsticks in Oh La Lilac and Cherry on Top, CAD8.99 (compared to CAD7.99 reg. at Walmart), x15 points till February 14. My Shoppers hasn't got the whole range in yet, I might come back for an exchange when they do.

Also bought two L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine stains in Berry Persistent and Infinite Fuchsia, CAD11.69 each (CAD10.46 reg. at Walmart), also x15 points. The display was still pretty full, so I assume that it was just put out a few days ago.

I'm glad Shoppers now have stocks on these products, as some of you guys told me you didn't have a Walmart nearby. The $10 gift card promo was over, but there's a new printable coupon for 8,000 points with $50 purchase this Wednesday.

I found the Essence Cherry Blossom Girl collection (supposedly 2012 Fall collection in Europe, lol), its tiny display was almost empty already.

I grabbed:
- Shimmering body powder in 01 Hello Glitty, CAD3.99
- Blush in 01 Asian Sensation, CAD2.99
- Lipstick pencil in 01 Cherry Cherry Girl, CAD2.49.

Essence's special collections are always LE, with limited amount of products on display, so basically you snooze, you lose!

There is nothing extra special about this particular collection, except for the cute packaging and reasonable price range. Quality isn't bad either. Enough to sell me :)

Found this full display of Sally Hansen Lustre Shine collection, CAD8.49 each. They finally arrive in Canada, all 8 shades, 4 bottles each!

I remember how much of a craze the promo pic of this collection caused way back when, but then swatches did not wow me much. I didn't get any, but if you are a fan and have been waiting for it, get to the store now.

The bottle shape of this collection is kinda interesting/ weird, the bottles didn't even line up well on the display. Very different from the regular Sally Hansen designs.

I also went to Sally in the weekend to use my $5 I got from renewing my card last month.

Caught the surprised extra 50% clearance item sale (ended Sunday already), so I saved extra on a 1 1/2" curling iron and a single bottle of Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly on the far left. Clearance selections weren't great, sadly.

I took advantage of the promotion of free China Glaze with purchase of Seche Vite top coat (CAD9 with Sally card now). My choice was Flip Flop Fantasy (in the middle), nothing fancy. I didn't get it when it first came out, have wanted it for a while.

Found Seche Collage Overlay (on the left) in a small display near the top coat, CAD7.99 with card (reg. price). It was so pretty in the bottle, I couldn't resist.

Grabbed some Hemp body moisturizers (18oz/ 530ml) that were on special 2 for CAD15 (I can't remember the retail price of these).

Since the original moisturizer that got some rave reviews, Hemp has come out with many new scents. I picked Argan Oil (to defy aging and leave skin beautifully soft and bright, according to the label) and Chocolate Cherries (with hydrating Hemp Seed Oil, to leave skin silky soft).

Bonus points for the pump and plastic seal on the nozzle - no spillage, no contamination.

I made it over $35 to earn a 30% off to use on February 23, now the question is what to get then :) The promotion is still on till the end of the month, if you still want to go for it.


  1. I'm an addict to collecting Optimum points. I got the L'Oreal Colour Caresse wet stains and want to get a few more shades to try. Perfect timing to go this Wed. How do you like the Maybelline Colour Whisper lipsticks? Are they similar to Revlon lip butter?

    1. Hello fellow addict lol Yes, Whispers are nice, the Maybelline version of the lip butters. The more the merrier

  2. Would love to see swatches of the lippies and the Essence stuff :) And a review of course!

  3. Ha! I bought two of the Colour Caresse Shine Stains (Endless Red and Infinite Fuchsia) on Saturday and I just picked up the Essence blush and shimmer powder today!

    I love two L'Oreal colours I got, but I had Berry Persistent in my hand too - I just had to narrow it down. Clearly you have excellent taste ;)

    1. So many great shades, we'll all enjoy them. Thanks for the confidence lol

  4. Ooh I'd love to see swatches of the lip products and essence things too! Great haul!! :)

  5. Hi there! I'm really interested in the Hemp body moisturizer. What is the brand name of this lotion? Do you happen to know the official website of the brand? Also, do you happen to know which stores sell them in the US? Thanks so much!

    1. The brand is Moist. Like I mentioned, I got these moisturizers at Sally Beauty Supply (which is also in the US). Another sources, I assume, would be amazon and ebay. I don't know if Moist has a website. Good luck!

  6. Ooh, maybe I should pick up Colour Whispers and the Glossy Stains with the bonus points offers. I need more Optimum points!

    1. Also perfect time to do this with the BOGO sale on Monday :)