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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I feel like a haul post is due today, but it is a short one. I didn't get out much last weekend.

A while back, I was so excited to see a deal on TeamBuy - 5 American Apparel nail polish for $15. Despite the raves among nail bloggers, I hadn't owned any American Apparel nail polish before. The ticket was reaching its expiry date, so I went and used it.

First row, from L-R: Supernova and Light Year from the Glitter line, and 7th and Alameda
Second row: Violet Panache and Smoke Dazzle from the Metallic line.

Selection was great in stores, I had quite a hard time deciding on just 5 bottles, especially when it was my first time.

What made the trip even more exciting was the clearance bin for nail polish with the tag of $1 each. I got Neon Orange, Neon Coral, Neon Blue and Neon Violet, obviously from the Neon range.

I think these are only the odd bottles that needed to be cleared off the shelf, cause the Neon line is still on the display (no sign of being discontinued or anything).

There was another bin for 50% off, with pastel and light shades. Now those I think were from previous season and were cleared out. So head over to your store to get some nice shades on discount.

I also stopped by Lawtons to find the Annabelle Big Show display. Annabelle eye and lip products are 25% off this week, good time to grab some new goodies. Like I said before, Lawtons' price range is like Shoppers', both are higher than Walmart, so I don't buy stuff on regular price there.

The Big Show Lip Shines have been a must try in my list since the Premier launch events the brand hosted in Montreal and Toronto near the end of last year. Every blogger who went could have a shade of Line Shine mixed for herself, and they love the colour range this line has. I had to wait till now to see them in person.

The display was big, Annabelle was not kidding. There were 12 shades, from nude to hot pink, coral, purple, etc., $8.95 each. The great thing is there were testers for all of them too, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Peeking out on the left hand side were lip pencils, $4.95 each (testers were in the front), on the right hand side were the Glitterama liners, $7.95 a piece.

Here are what I got, after playing around with the tester for a good long while:
- 2 Big Show Lip Shines in Dare and Rave
- 2 lip liners in Show Girl and Heatwave.

No explanation needed for the Lip Shines at this point, but the lip liners are really bright, I love them. You see that I am continuing the trend this season with bold lip colours :)

When taking pictures, I realized that I chose the liners in complementary shades to the Lip Shines, unintentionally. Dare and Showgirl, Rave and Heatwave. I will pair them as such when I wear them.


  1. Wow, Dare looks amazing! Great picks. Loving the polishes too. I need to add more of these babies to my collection ;)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on sale AA polishes :)

  3. Is the Big Show line permanent or limited edition?

  4. Those nail polishes look so pretty! :)

  5. Mel, yes you do :)

    Danielle, I hope the sale is at your store too

    Chibi-Stellar, they are permanent

    LipglossGossip, AA nail polish is great, from what I heard :)

  6. I bought a few AA neons for $1 too! The reason they for them being $1 was because they were used in the window as displays so they're 'faded'. They look fine to me!

  7. Yeah, there was definitely some fading going on in the bottle but I didn't mind either :) I'm glad you scored some bottles for cheap too