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Joe Fresh Spring lip products

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The time is here, Joe Fresh Spring makeup is in store (together with their Spring nail polish).

Like the nail polish, the new makeup does not have a separate display but blends in with current colours on the shelves. It just takes a bit of digging around :)

I am normally drawn to eye products but was completely smitten with the lip stuff this time. The shades are very bright and daring, with great price ($6 each). Will be wearing them all Spring and Summer, I know that much.

First off, the matte lipsticks - the white tubes in the first pic. We all know how fabulous Fuchsia is (if you don't, check it out too). And when Joe Fresh tweeted a pic of the 3 new Spring shades, I was itching to shop already. And yes, I found them last weekend.

From L-R: Melon, Orange and Bubble Gum. Note that Joe Fresh matte finish is not a complete matte like some of the lipsticks out there.

On top of that, Bubble Gum is only semi-matte and a little frosty. I would say it is a cross between the matte and shine lipsticks. The colour is somewhere between bubble gum pink and lavender.

Melon and Orange are bright, as you can see, but are wearable when you tone them down with a bit of gloss. EDIT: Melon is a coral shade, while Orange is featuring the brand's signature orange colour (according to Joe Fresh's FB), both are fab :) I actually like it that they are not 100% matte, not hard to work with at all.

This pic is in natural lighting, the colours look a little less intense and more matte than under flash (above pic).

I apologize for not including lip swatches with these. I tried, but the colours appeared completely different on my (pigmented) lips, I don't think they'd be helpful to you at all.

I like the simple white packaging with the clear lid to show the shades inside. The labels at the bottom are also colour coordinated. However, the lipsticks don't roll all the way down, so be careful when you open and close the lid.

I also picked up the Lip Tint in Bubble Gum and the Shine lipstick in Kiss. The colours look very close in the tubes, but swatch differently.

Bubble Gum, being a tint, is sheer but buildable and leaves a long-lasting tint of colour on your lips. It stayed on my hand through a number of washing, and stayed on my lips through lunch and dinner. It did fade a bit but was not completely gone like lipsticks.

Kiss is very sheer but applies smooth and feels comfortable on the lips, remind me of .... the Revlon lip butters.

Bubble Gum is on the left and Kiss is on the right. On my lips, Bubble Gum looks more red than pink, which frustrates me. I don't blame the shade though, just my lips.

And Kiss hardly shows up. If all Shine lipstick shades are like this, they should probably be renamed to a balm, just to not confuse more people. I love Kiss for being moisturizing and shiny (like a balm or lip butter) but for a lipstick, it should have a bit more colour.

I like the idea of a lip tint but don't like how it feels on the lips, so I use Kiss on top of Bubble Gum. Works out really well.

Here are swatches again, with no flash.

Bonus point for the shine lipstick not peeking up at the top of the tube, so no hazard there. The tint has a clear round tube, like most lip glosses, with a generic applicator inside - soft, not scratchy.

Size wise, the matte lipstick is 0.1oz/ 3.3g, the shine lipstick is only 0.05oz/ 1.4g (vs. Revlon lip butter 0.09oz/ 2.55g), and the lip tint is 0.1oz/ 3.4ml. All products have individual plastic wraps, no contamination concern.

EDIT: Other shine lipstick shades, besides Kiss, are Flamingo, Tango, Raspberry, Wine, Rose, Flesh and Peach. For the lip tint, there are also Mango, Crush, Ruby, Berry, Plum to join Bubble Gum.

All in all, I love Joe Fresh for coming out with these bold colours. Any tips to help the colours show up true to swatches? I hate concealer on lips, don't really want to go that way.

Have fun shopping at Joe Fresh this season. Let me know if you find any other great colours.


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