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Shoppers haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So, what is new at Shoppers? I couldn't wait and have to make an urgent weekend post to tell you guys about this. Take a look at the picture below and tell me you are excited. This is the biggest picture ever on this blog, for a very good reason :)

This is Quo by Orly 18-pc mini nail polish gift set, the target of my hunt this week. The moment I heard about it on twitter, I know I gotta have it. Retails for CAD39, the set has an awesome mix of 18 colours. We all know we hardly finish a bottle of nail polish ever, and why get 4 big bottles if you can try 18 smaller ones?

I have mentioned the 5 shades from the Fall release (Turquoise Moonlight, Celestial Star, Night Sky, First Class and Filthy Rich) on this blog before. If you haven't got any yet, they are also found in this mini set. And I spy with my little eyes some duochromes and beautiful shimmers in there too - Precious, Rock Show, Rock Star, Sapphire Sparkle and more.

I always use my own pictures on the blog, but this PR pic features the colours a lot better this time. Hope I am persuasive enough :) Swatches are coming soon. Redemption promo is still going on until tomorrow, so now would be a good time to grab a set.

After the rush and excitement of finding the above nail polish set, I could finally take my time to browse the isles. Found some skin care stuff :)

- L'Oreal 360o Facial cleanser for Acne-prone skin, on sale CAD7.99. Don't think I saw this particular one with orange packaging before, I'd assume it's a new addition to the line.

- Softsoap new Body Butter Indulgent Chocolate Body Hydrating wash, Body Butter Coconut Scrub Body Buff wash and Ultra Rich Shae Butter Cream Moisturizing Body wash, on sale for CAD2.99 each. These all smell so good, especially the chocolate. Give them a sniff when you see them in store.

And lastly, this is Vichy Your Hydrating & Fortifying Program gift set with:
- Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing 24Hr Hydrating care (Paraben Free - Rich), 50ml
- Purete Thermale 3-in-1 One Step cleanser, 100ml
- Eau Thermale Spa water, 50g, and
- Capital Soleil Mexoryl XL Sunscreen cream SPF60, 15ml.

Reg. CAD35 (as the retail price of the Aqualia Thermal, the other 3 products are free gifts in the set), on clearance for 50% off. Couldn't pass it up.

I was happy to find the stuff in this haul. I really needed it, as I was screwed over so bad today with public transit (2 of my buses were half an hour late, and it was cold out). Story of my life. Hope your weekend goes better than mine.


  1. Can u swatch the polishes please!

  2. do you think they are all Orly dupes? I know some are. i might see if my aunt will get me this for christmas with her discount... she works there. 30% off! could be worth it

  3. amazing haul, as always!
    hope your weekend ends on a more cheerful note ^_^

  4. Excellent haul! You have to love the minis, they are so cute, and you are right they can be more practical.

  5. Jennifer, swatches coming soon :)

    Rebecca, quite a few dupes that are easy to spot, but Quo said there are shades created exclusively by Orly for them, so it's gonna be a mix of both. 30% off is awesome

    Chocaddict, thanks, I need time to slowly recover :(

    Melli, I'm so happy they come out with the mini set, just what I need

  6. Such cute minis! Looking forward to swatches.

  7. Karen, thanks, swatches are coming (slowly), lol

  8. i'm dying to get my 18 piece after seeing this! had a friend pick it up for me on tuesday with shoppers' 20% off coupon.

    that's an awesome photo of the set. you're the first site i've seen with it.

  9. Thanks for visitting my blog. I'm glad you had a chance to grab the set. It is lovely :)