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Quo by Orly nail polish

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Canadians, listen up! The Quo by Orly nail polish is here, exclusively at Shoppers :) To us, this partnership between the two brands is certainly exciting, as we get to call the line our own and our nail polish scene just get a little more exciting :) According to PR, the line includes 25 core colours, 5 nail treatments and a 5-colour Fall collection, retail CAD10 a piece, officially launched October 15. New colours and seasonal collections will be released throughout the year.

This is the first sight of the line at my Shoppers last night, I assume it is the Fall collection. From L-R:
- Turquoise Moonlight, a green with pretty shimmers
- Filthy Rich, a gold foil
- Night Sky, a dark purple with pink shimmers
- First Class, a rose gold foil, and
- Celestial Star, a dark navy blue with purple shimmers.

Pic was taken with flash, so the colours might be altered a bit. Also, my descriptions are based on bottle colours and can change after swatching.

The bottles don't imitate Orly's traditional design but still have (shorter) rubber caps with the letter Q printed on the top, 14ml each.

I bought 3 out of the 5 shades, Celestial StarTurquoise Moonlight and Night Sky.

My first reaction was the price could be a little lower, considering Orly's regular price range, even though Quo had $10 price tag on their nail polish before.

The only thing I hope for is that if we are paying this price, we can expect something like what Orly offered in the Cosmic collection.

And funny how I said that. Check out this quick bottle colour comparison between Quo by Orly and the Orly Cosmic colours.

I don't have Lunar Eclipse, but by the look of online swatches, I'd say Celestial Star might be its dupe.

Turquoise Moonlight and Halley's Comet (in the middle) make a pair, and Night Sky and Out of This World (on the right) do too.

The other 2 shades on the display also remind me of Orly Shine and Luxe, but I can't confirm dupes as I didn't get them. It's probably safe to say at this point that there are some re-promotes, as Quo's attempt to bring more Orly colours to Canadians, with easier access. So if you missed out on Cosmic, check out your Shoppers in the neighbourhood. I'll be doing NOTDs to follow up about the shades I bought, so stay tuned.


  1. Interesting!
    Thanks for sharing
    I didnt even know that hey had a partnership!

  2. As excited as I am I have the dupes for these colours and no longer feel the urgent need to acquire the QUO by Orly ones. Thanks I am glad this went up because they aren't at my Shoppers yet!

  3. Hey there! I just thoroughly reviewed Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight on my blog today. Also included a bunch of swatches! :)

    Even though I have the Orly Cosmic FX Collection, I am so happy to see that now us Canadians have easier access to incredible colours. :)

    But, yeah, I just wish the price tag was lower. Still, though, the quality of the polish is fantastic! I've been wearing this colour for a few days now and love it.

  4. Helene, I'm glad to break this news to you :)

    ct1980, I swatched one colour, it is really beautiful, but yes, if you already have the Orly shades, you don't have to rush - unless you want backups, lol. But stay tuned for the core colours though

    Swatch and Learn, thank you for letting me know. You had a great review for the shade, I might be persuaded to keep mine if you say it was good enough to keep.

    Delaynee, I'm excited that you are excited :)

  5. I finally found them and bought the same 3 you have here, not really feeling the other 2, wore Turquoise Moonlight today and although I have a few others that are very similar it is so beautiful I don't mind!

  6. Yep, I was thinking the same thing, they are pretty enough to haul all 3 :)

  7. I just picked up the same three shades you got! They never had the other 2 colours. The display at all the stores in our city are just the three colours. Will have reviews and swatches of all three colours on my blog tomorrow

  8. Really? That's interesting, I didn't think the release would be different across provinces, hmmm...