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Milani Lip Flash review

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It's back to being a gorgeous sunny day today, lifted my mood tremendously. Squirt and I haven't been very well since Sunday, so my plan to redeem some points at Shoppers failed, and I won't have a crazy haul for you today. Instead, we'll look at some bold lip colours :)

These are 2 fabulous colours from Milani Lip Flash gloss pencils, released last year in the US. So far I have not seen them in Canada, so we sure are missing out some goodies.

The line has 8 shades, but only these 2 seem to be workable on my dark lips. And they are quite bold for work days, so I normally wear them in the weekends only.

Love the glossiness in the tubes. It's Photo Flash on the top and Hot Flash on the bottom. They look quite similar under flash, but Photo Flash is a darker pink with blue undertone and Hot Flash is a red, also with a hint of blue.

I love that Milani follows the gloss pencil trend, as these are very easy to use, non drying, glossy but not slippery. They don't twist up, however, so you gotta keep a sharpener handy. I always feel bad when I sharpen pencils like this, hate seeing some products came through the sharpener :) Then I have to clean up the sharpener as well. That's the only bad thing about them.

Here is how they swatch on my hand, with flash, in the reverse order lol.

Hot Flash on the top shows up as an awesome red, not much more I can say about it.

Photo Flash shows a bit more blue on here than IRL, still a pretty shade.

They catch the light really well and do great on their own, so you don't need any lip gloss on top. In terms of wear, I can get a few hours out of them, which isn't bad.

This is Photo Flash on me, natural light, true to its hot pink nature. I love how glossy it looks, with great coverage, so the 2-in-1 promise (gloss in a stick) proves itself.

I'm not sure about the anti-feathering claim though. Maybe the rounded tip doesn't allow precise application around the edges, maybe it's the formula, but I still see a bit of the colour bleeding through. I'd suggest a lip liner with these pencils.

As I mentioned before, my lips are pigmented, so Hot Flash doesn't show up on me as an intense red as it would on others. I do like how it turns out though, a wearable red when I want some attention but not too much attention :)

These pencils are perfect for travelling, convenient and don't take up much space at all. Now you understand why I get excited about pencils like this - for the lips or the eyes, they accomodate my busy routine in the morning. And if they stay and have good pigmentation, they are high up in my book.

You see where I'm heading? Yes, the Annabelle eyeshadow pencils arrived at my Shoppers last week. I so planned to pick them up with point redemption but that didn't happen. Rest assure they'll make an appearance on this blog soon though :) Have a great day!


  1. I saw these at the Lawtons on Spring Garden yesterday!

  2. Im pretty sure that my superstore has them...
    Cause I had been thinking of buying them for awhile now XD

    But cool~ love the swatches. And yes, they do make life easier being so travel friendly

  3. Jordan and Rasilla, if we do have them in Canada, that's awesome news. For some reason, I haven't seen them in store

    Tracy, you prefer the pink than the red?

    Jennifer, thanks. I love them!

  4. My Superstore has these too, as part of a small Milani display that also includes the runway eyeshadows and a few of their core polishes - no one coat glitters though unfortunately... *sulks*

  5. Kitkat, yes now that I carefully look, a few stores do have them. Lawtons in the east coast do carry the glitter nail polish