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NOTD: Joe Fresh Persian Blue

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was feeling blue last week, went searching around in my melmers for a blue nail polish. And ah hah, found Joe Fresh Persian Blue.

Well, I can only speak to the ones I own, but Joe Fresh nail polish has not failed me once. The colours are pretty, great application and wear. Their cream finish is one of the best. And you all know how I felt about their very first flakie Twilight.

Normally, blue doesn't come to mind when I think of a nail polish colour, don't know why. Gotta tell you though, this blue is perfection. Don't turn around just yet, cause this is a pic with flash - and it's the flash that makes the colour change. Scroll down to see how pretty Persian Blue is!

See? This is the dirty blue with a hint of teal that I was looking for. First glance at the bottle, I almost skipped it on the shelf last year. It's really a shame that Joe Fresh nail colours don't get featured much on blogs. They are totally blog worthy to me.

If you are wondering the glare from my ring finger, I did apply some Maybelline Colorama in Shimmer Girl on top of it. Persian Blue with flakies? Worth very well as well.

Wanna see what else I did to it? Lol.

After about 3 days when Persian Blue started chipping on the tips, I still wanted to wear it, so I did some French on it. Thought a white would be too much, I used silver, a crackle one at that.

You have seen it a few times, it's P2 crackling top coat in Silver Blast. I applied it full on the accent nails and free-handed diagonally on the thumbs, and frenched the tips on the others. I left the silver matte, as a contrast to the glossy blue (I did use a top coat on Persian Blue the first time).

I really liked how it turned out, hid my chipped tips and renewed the mani generously.

Another shot, as I loved it so much :)

Good news is, unlike TwilightPersian Blue is from Joe Fresh regular line, so it's still on the shelf if you decide to pick one up.

Talking about picking something up, I wanted to explore the new Spring cream eyeshadows and cream blushes but don't think they are out yet. So far, only the Spring nail polish (group 1) is available. If you see the new stuff in store, please let me know.

I guess feeling blue is not too bad after all with this one :)


  1. I had this one in my hand for the longest time while picking out 2 colours to go with Twilight last week. I ended up putting it down for Ink but I'm definitely going to grab it in the future!

  2. I had to get this one just coz it has "Persian" in the name :D

  3. I love this on your hands. Unfortunately I hate these colours on my hands - something never seems right. But it is a pretty colour!

  4. Love that colour! And what a great idea!

  5. The crackle french tips are awesome!!

  6. Queen of Crap, I think Ink is a great colour too :)

    Shadowy Lady, the name sure compliments the colour, so you're in for a win

    J, thanks hun. Hope you can find a good colour from Joe Fresh to wear :)

    Lipgloss Gossip, Jennifer, thank you :)

    Tracy, Andy Vicious, I'm loving the crackle tips. Might abuse it again and again lol

  7. Thank you, it wasn't planned to be like this but I liked it too

  8. You have an awesome idea.
    Maybe I will do myself nails like it?

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  9. Thank you for the compliment :) It wasn't hard, so yeah try it out.