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Hard Candy haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

As soon as I heard about Hard Candy new products making appearance at Walmart, I had to go get a few. We Canadians have been waiting so long for them.

My first attention went to the Fox In a Box first. Here's how they look in the original plastic cases with the lids popped open, CAD5.98 each:
- Skinny Dipping bronzing duo - with coral and brown tone, and
- Hot Flash blushing quad - with red tone.

Pictures were taken with flash, so the colours are washed out a bit. The second picture below is closer to the shades IRL.

There are another bronzing duo with pink and brown called Truth or Dare, and 2 more blushing quads with pink tone (Spicy and Sweet) and brown tone (Smooth Talker), if you are wondering.

Despite how crazy the colours look in the packaging, they are supposed to be sheer and buildable. They do have shimmers but not glitters.

Dupe of Benefit blush boxes or not, these Foxes in a Box are fabulous for the money. I have seen enough rave reviews to just go and grab a few. Hopefully they work well on my skin tone.

With the lids closed, they are pretty little boxes. I love the printed patterns on the top, and the colour themes throughout the boxes. However, they are cardboard, and therefore not very sturdy. Just a note if you want to carry them around in your purse.

One of the boxes didn't close perfectly and tore off a bit at the fold when I tried to push the lid down, which made me sad.

There is 5.7g/ 0.20oz of product in the box, would last me quite a long time.

Some more products I picked up:
- Glamoflauge Heavy duty concealer with concealer pencil, CAD5.98
- Undercover Agent Undereye brightener and concealer duo, CAD5.98
- Sheer Envy primer - Skin perfecting ultra light formula, CAD7.98.

The primer is not new but I waited to almost finish the one I'm using before picking it up. This one came with a box, but others on the display didn't have one, just plain tubes. I'm wondering what's going on with that.

Based on what I heard on twitter, not all Walmarts have brought out the new stock, so keep checking at yours, they should show up soon.


  1. Ooh, nice haul!

    I have a few of their products and they're nice but nothing to scream home about. I'm excited to try some of their new products - I should run over to my local Wal-Mart.

  2. Looks so much like the Benefit blushes :) I've seen Hard Candy at Wal Mart for about a year now, but they looked high-school ish! Great haul though!

  3. Arezu, for the same reason, I only got 1 thing from Hard Candy before. But the ones I picked up this time all got good reviews. Let's hope! :)

    Steph, yes Hard Candy has been around, but just these products are very new

  4. Super cute! I really need to get myself something from Hard Candy!

  5. AWESOME! I've been waiting so long for their glamoflauge!

  6. Indeedy, my WM (Sherway Gardens toronto) had none of these products in stock as of this weekend. I really want Glamoflague, been looking for it for a few months now.

  7. I can hardly wait to hear about the Glamoflauge! I didn't see that at my WalMart yet.

  8. Oooo...heading to walmart tomorrow to check out those blushes. They are gorgeous and the packaging reminds me of Benefit blushes. Thanks for the info.

  9. Gaby, have fun shopping :)

    Julianne, I think we all have. That Glamoflage better do its thing well lol

    Justine, hope you can find it at a bigger Walmart soon

    Tracy, it should be there soon, I assume

    Alicia, yes, a lot like Benefit, a lot cheaper lol

  10. I'm clearly late to this party, but have any fellow Canadians seen Hard Candy nail polish at their local Walmart yet? Impatiently waiting!...

  11. Kitkat, their nail polish has been out for a long time, but just at certain Walmart in Canada. According to Walmart, they don't have enough shelf space for nail polish at all stores *shrug*, so I'd suggest you hunt for them at different locations instead of waiting at one, cause it might never arrive there.

  12. i love my fox in a box i have called truth or dare im going to be doing a review soon on my blog. I also am nominating you for an award which will be up tomorrow! i will most likely come and remind you on your most recent blog post but if you do get this, go check it out

  13. Thanks for the award, Erica. I checked, the post isn't up yet, so please do remind me :)