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NOTD: Isadora Spraycan Blue

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

And Saturday came and go quick (well half of it, at the moment). I'm been on a crackle craze lately, not because it's a trend but because it's something different that I can try out right away on my nails. Yeah I know, nail art, konad just scare me, I'm not that brave.

This is my third time using a crackle polish. I wore it a weekend or two ago. If you missed the first two, they are Isadora Subway Green and P2 Silver Blast.

I started out with Milani 3D as a base. Among the holos Milani released back then, 3D is not one with the strongest holo effect, but you can still spot the sheen once in a while, and it is a pretty gold still.

And the star of this mani: Isadora Graffiti Nail in Spraycan Blue.

I kinda had a big surprise with this one. You see, it's blue in the bottle and the name also suggested so. When I applied it on top of the gold base, it looked green. I went and check the bottle a few times to make sure I didn't use Subway Green by mistake.

A minute later, it did look blue, phew lol. Nothing against black crackle (I'm actually wearing one right now) but colour crackles give me joy. The tricky part is to find the base colour that shows up well underneath.

There is a great blog post by The Lacquerista on tip and tricks on crackle nail polish. She even names different crackle effects. If this is your thing, definitely go check out the post.

With the 2 Isadora crackles I tried, I can definitely say that the brand aims for "the Leopard" effect (strong cracking with tiny pieces, not big chunks of colours). Isadora Graffiti don't feel thick or goopy. A+ in my book.

I guess with OPI Black Shatter and the China Glaze Crackle Glaze, you're gonna see more of "the Turtle" pattern.

Hope this mani is fun for you to look at. If you are still on the fence about crackles, and if my 3 manis can't persuade you yet, stay tune for my 4th mani and then decide, ok? :) Just kidding! It's a personal choice kinda thing, there are tons of pretty nail polish out there for you to dive in if you decide to pass on this trend. Have a great weekend!


  1. Ack! Milani 3D LOL My current want! :) This combo is gorgeous!

  2. I guess the gold in the Milani was so strong that it made the Blue look green XD
    Looks cool~

  3. Mel, is it?

    Rasilla, it was really weird but yeah, I liked it