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NOTD: Milani Fairy Tale cracked

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone? I know I haven't been updating the blog very often this past week. I had something in my mind that required a lot of thinking (I am still thinking about that now, which drives me nuts).

I have something fun to show you this weekend though :) This is Milani Fairy Tale - part of the Black Magic collection for Halloween 2009. The collection never made it to Canada, so I didn't have any of the shade until one deadly blog sale lol.

The flash did bring out the blue glitters a lot more, so it looks more blue. IRL, Fairy Tale is a black with blue glitters. The bottle shone the blue sheen very well, but on the nail, unless you are under direct sunlight (or strong flash), you only get to see the blue flash here and there.

Also, this takes 3 coats, so it's on the sheer side. Still, I love it. I think it was perfect for Halloween and a step up from a plain black. But then, I want an experiment - a crackle experiment to spice it up even more :)

I put a layer of P2 Crackling top coat in Silver Blast on top of Milani Fairy Tale. How do you like the effect here?

Now I had tried a crackle mani before with Isadora Subway Green but the experience is quite different this time.

Silver Blast took its time to crack, which was the first thing that surprised me. I just assume all crackle polish would crack like crazy within the first 5 seconds like Subway Green.

Secondly, it applies very smooth, like a regular nail polish and doesn't dry too matte like most other crackles.

Also, the intensity of the cracks varies among nails. On 4 finger on my left hand here, the nail on the middle finger cracked the least. Even a second thin coat of Silver Blast didn't change the situation. I can't seem to understand why lol. I mean I applied it evenly on all fingers. But it's probably the point of a crackle mani - random cracks, no common patterns.

In short, I think I like P2 Crackling top coat better than Isadora Graffiti nails, but love the crackle trend. The more brands we have the better. Unfortunately, both these brands are not available in North America. The good news is China Glaze is coming out with 6 crackle shades, so don't miss that collection if you want to hop on this trend.

One more picture to show you how random the crackling could be.

This is my right hand which doesn't normally make an appearance on the blog. I'm right handed, so the left hand gets all the NOTD glamour :) If you look closely, Silver Blast cracks a lot more on my right finger nails than on my left. But who's comparing?

I did add a coat of Seche Vite on top, cause I like the glossy look on crackle manis. Still, very Halloween-y, isn't it?

If you have been following the trend, which colour do you think will look good with Silver Blast? If you haven't, are you going to?


  1. I LOVE the crackle polish too. I only have the OPI Shatter one, but can't wait for more! love the silver on you, looks great!

  2. Cool! I've never tried crackle nail polish before hehe

  3. Awesome. I usually don't like crackle polish but I like that this one isn't black. I also really like that Milani polish. Where do you get yours from? I can never find Milani where I live.

  4. Looks so cool! Gotta love these cracklepolishes uh :D

  5. Karen, OPI should have made more than 1 shade eh? I love to try different colours than black :)

    Tammy, it's addictive, so try it :)

    Alicia, yes there are a few colours to choose, so you don't have to do black all the time. I got Fairy Tale from a blog sale, but it's still available on Cherry Culture, I believe.

    Katie and Iris, thank you :)