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NOTD: Isadora Subway Green

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have an exciting NOTD today with the Isadora cracking polish. I love the effect, hope you do too.

This is the base colour I chose: Milani Totally 80's. This is a shade from the neon line, I figured it would shine through better from underneath a dark cracking coat.

It's a little brighter IRL, but still is not the "on your face" kind of neon colour, unless you put it over a coat of opaque white polish (which I didn't). This is 2 coats.

Totally 80's would be a fun summer shade, if you are into bright colours. I got it a while ago but didn't try it until now.

And this is the NOTD I wanted to show you: Isadora Subway Green, 1 thin coat over Milani Totally 80's.

It was really cook watching the polish cracking away the moment you put it on. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea to spice up a manicure effortlessly within a minute. Seriously, it did all this by itself, I didn't do anything :)

If you click on the pic, you can see the colours a bit better. I'm not sure these 2 shades are the best together, probably will experiment more to find a good colour combo. But they don't look half bad, do they? I was so nervous doing this :)

In trying to do thin coats, I didn't load the brush heavily with Subway Green. Sometimes I had to dip the brush back in to the bottle to finish up a nail, which explains the different cracking patterns on each individual nail.

All in all, this cracking business is the BOMB, period :) The effect is so much fun, probably partly due to the fact that you can't tell what the patterns are going to look like until you do it. And like finger prints, no 2 cracking patterns are the same.

Can you tell why and how much I love nail polish by now? Besides the holo, duochrome, multi-chrome effects, we have flakies, matte, scented, cracking, magnetic, mood changing, colour changing in the sun, etc. The journey is endless :)

It suddenly turned really cold last night (under 0), Squirt felt the chill for the first time this season, which meant something. She has much higher tolerance toward the cold than I do. So obviously I was shivering. We are supposed to go to the Parade of Lights tonight, don't know we would with this weather.


  1. i love this mani! such a fun color combo! its getting colder here too, YUCK!

  2. i love your nailss! i literally said out loud "0i love those nails" i should try them soon :)


  3. that is such a cool color combo - i love the crackle polish!! :-)

  4. thanks so much for your heads up about the Carmindy makeup. I found some at my local SDM here in Calgary! can't wait to try the foundation I bought. you rock!

  5. Thank you for the love, ladies. My first try didn't turn out so bad eh? :)

    Karen, no problem hun. Did you see my post about finding certain Carmindy products at Dolarama?

  6. I'm totally going to have to find a dollarama here! I am trying the foundation today, the colour (no 1 Porcelain) is perfect! thanks again. :)

  7. I like this (colour combo and effect). I did the same last night with Barry M - unfortunately I don't think they do any other colour than black yet.

  8. Karen, good luck at Dollarama. Stocks do vary among stores. Great to know the foundation works well :)

    Ash-Lilly, Barry M is hard for us to get a hold of here. But hope they'll have more colours soon