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NOTD: Claire's Evil Queen

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This NOTD was the reason for the dilemma I mentioned last night on twitter. I rushed to the store to pick up a few bottles and wanted to wear one right away, but I was still loving the mani I wore then, lol. Seeing this post, you know which one won right?

The story is my lovely local reader, DuochromeDiva, told me about the 3 latest colours at Claire's that were supposed to be possible dupes of MAC Venomous Villains collection (Thank you!). You know I don't own any MAC polishes (can't bring myself to pay the price), so I gotta take my $ to Claire's, right?

I got Poison Apple (MAC Bad Fairy attempted dupe) and Evil Queen (for MAC Formidable) but couldn't find Venomous (for MAC Mean & Green).

Bottle shots do show the sheen/ duochrome flash on top of the base colours, so we have hope.

I picked Claire's Evil Queen for NOTD today. It's not really a work safe colour, but it didn't really matter lol.

All pictures in this post were taken with flash, as I did this mani late last night before bed.

The verdict: I wouldn't call this colour a strong duochrome. The teal sheen is there, visible under flash or direct sun light, and is very pretty on top of the dark plum base, I would wear it over and over again but I won't say it is a dupe of the duochrome counterparts we had seen from MAC or Orly.

Too bad I don't have the sun today to see if the teal shows up better (well in fact we are expecting a winter storm tomorrow afternoon, so there won't be sun for a few days).

You know I have grown to love darker shades of nail polish. Don't think I have a dark plum like this, and to top it off, a beautiful teal lingers on top of it. If you are not looking for a MAC dupe, I'd say Evil Queen is a pretty colour to own.

Claire's nail polish normally sell for CAD5.75 ($5 in the US), buy 1 get 1 50% off.

This shot shows best how the colour really looks on my nails most of the time. It does change depending on the angle the light hits it.

Excuse the various length situation of my nails. 2 broke when I tried to handle the suitcases at the airport, and out of habit, I always have the nail on my pinky longer (I wonder if any of you have the same superstition, lol).

I have been doing major care on my hands and feet as they are extremely dry - my fault, I neglected them during the trip. I slather on the cream, and wear fuzzy socks and gloves to bed to seal it in, yes I do :) Don't really mind it as it's winter right now.

Enough with my babbling, what do you think of Evil Queen? Are you going to check out other shades at Claire's?


  1. whoa, that one is pretty close to Orly's Galaxy Girl

  2. I'll have to go check these out. I don't want to spend the money on MAC stuff either.

  3. unless i find them on the 10 for 10 shelf, i don't buy
    knowing they could potentially be $1 turns me off of buying them >_<
    but they do look nice~

  4. Keep hunting for Venomous. It really is the best of all three.... super strong duochrome! I found their formulas are better than most Claire's polish too.

  5. A MAC dupe? I'm all ears! It looks lovely. =D

    (Thanks for entering!)

  6. Danielle, yes it headed that way :)

    Kimberly, let me know how you like them

    Rasilla, I know it might get to the $1 bin but I couldn't wait :)

    Duochrome Diva, guess I have to head to Micmac to find Venomous :(

    Shop N' Chomp, thanks :)