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Toronto CP hauls

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After the holiday, I came back from Toronto with 2 extra duffle bags, as a result of Christmas presents Squirt and I got from the bf's family, the stuff I hauled on Boxing Day, and this CP haul. Me and rasilla constantly CP stuff for each other, as good deals come along where we live during the year. It works out well, as you will see below :)

Well, one of the perks of (her) living in Toronto is warehouse sales. It drives me nuts reading about cheap deals people found there.

This is from Revlon warehouse sale. I know they had more than nail polish, but that was what I was after.

This is the newer Scented when Dry collection, from L-R: Ocean Breeze, Beach, Orange Pop, Gum Drop and Cotton Candy.

I missed out on these when they were out, and was so happy that my friend grabbed extras for me, especially with the "3 for CAD5" price tag.

Another crazy sale is the Lisa's Warehouse sale. This one has more of the surprise effect, as you never know what they have until you get there.

These Borghese nail polish were CAD1.49 each. This is crazy, considering their reg. price at Shoppers (somewhere between CAD9-12). Of course they won't be newly-released colours, but I don't really mind.

First row, from L-R: Campanula Bellflower F, Piazza Pink F, Ectasi Indigo.
Second row: Piccola Tulip C, Brava Black Cherry and Luna Pearl F.

Does anyone know why there's F or C after some shade names?

Next are Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Teal Takeoff and Violet Voom in the first row and Sally Hansen Salon Project Runway, CAD.99 each. Yes you read it right, Project Runway, being one of the most sought-after Canadian-exclusive colours, is less than $1. You better believe that I asked my friend for more than 1 bottle of it - and I already own it.

Not from Lisa's sale are the 2 Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays and Pink Pinata, and Sally Hansen Nail Prism in Garnet Lapis. My friend found them in a dusty for cheap and didn't forget to grab extras for me. She knows I would want them :)

Continue with Lisa's sale haul. This time it's makeup.

- Annabelle Showcase eyeshadow quad in tin cases: Drama Queen and Blue Angel, CAD1.99 each. These came out before my makeup time but are a steal at this price. Love the cases too.
- Annabelle Waterproof lip liner in Carnation, CAD1.99
- Annabelle lip liners in Jazz, Concord and Promise, CAD1.99 each.
I was going insane with Annabelle Smudgeliners, and after I got my first lip liner from them, I was going insane again. So happy I got 4 colours, which I believe are LE and no longer available in their core line.
- Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue lipsticks in Caprice and Guava Pearl, 3 for CAD10. Yes, believe it :)

Lastly, Smashbox Runway Ready Beauty kit, CAD23.99. Can't say I own much from Smashbox, and the kit seemed to be a good deal.

It comes with:
- An angled Blush brush - Travel size
- Lip Enhancing gloss in Crystal and Illume - Medium size
- Photo Finish Foundation primer - Travel size
- Fusion Eye & Cheek in On in 5
- Eyeshadow trio in Smashboxcom.

Not a bad little set, is it? The packaging is excessive as the content only fills about 1/3 of it, but at least the picture is appealing. I stuffed more makeup in the box when I packed to go home, keep them all in one place and well padded.

I've seen people finding more awesome stuff from this sale, but they were quickly sold out. I'm happy nonetheless.

And that's not all. Look at the stuff my friend gifted me, like a Christmas present:
- Cargo Color palette in Bermuda
- Caro Blu-ray High Definition Lip gloss with Timestrip in Halifax (lol, how suiting is that name? - Love it!)
- Maybelline Colorama in Sunrise Sensation, Emerald Frost and Burgundy Blaze
- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Bronze Radiance
- Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen
- Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay Eye pencil in Pure Plum, and
- Lise Watier Neiges EDT samples.

How cool is it that I could have access to goodies at these sales while living far away? I'm thankful. Check out my friend's Revlon sale haul and Lisa's sale haul too.


  1. wow those sales sure sound interesting! we hardly ever have sales on makeup/cosmetics here (except when sephora marks 20% off old stuff nobody would want anyway twice a year)

    those Annabelle tins are super cute but you know which item I prefer don't you? ^_^

  2. Awesome haul and great friends you have! How did you like it in Toronto?

  3. The F behind the shade name means Frost and C behind the name means Creme.

  4. I wish Vancouver had warehouse sales like Toronto. We have clothing & shoe warehouse sales but never cosmetic or beauty related!
    Btw, what does CP stand for?? Canada Post?

  5. M, yeah, Toronto has great sales, the best would be MAC warehouse sale :) Best store sales are in the US though. And yes I know which item you prefer lol

    Danielle, I love Toronto for food and shopping, not sure I can live there for the amount of people and traffic. Everything feels so rushed :)

    Kimmie, ohhhh so that's what they mean, so simple but I couldn't figure it out :)

    Jen, yes I did, thanks!

    Ashley, at least Vancouver still has some sales lol. Here we have none. CP is custom purchase :)

  6. Yea, traffic sucks here. I think the rush has become a part of me now lol

  7. Danielle, getting used to a slower pace here, I'm scared to face that rush lol