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US stores coming to Canada

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you are one of us (i.e. members of the Canadian beauty community, lol), you have heard enough complaints about the pain of not having some great stores in the US around here so we can join in all the fun sales and/or product availability.

I have been all ears about the possibility of any stores coming to Canada, and this is a short summary of what I have heard.

1. Target:

Back in January last year, people got all excited about the news of Target coming to Canada but then nothing happened. The name Target has already been claimed in Canada, and it's gonna take a while to sort things out.

And then, CBC announced today that Target is buying Zellers for $1.8 billion and stores will start showing up in 2013-2014. Guess things are sorted out. Now this is both good and bad news. No arguing about the positive side of it, as we all want Target here, but it's sad to see Zellers go. Although Zellers has been struggling in the competition with Walmart, lots of Canadians still offer their support to Zellers, because, well, it's Canadian.

2. Marshalls:
This is not new, as people have been spotting Marshalls stores popping up around them already. Officially, TJX announced last summer to bring Marshalls to Canada with 6 stores opening this year.

As you might have known, Marshalls is the sister chain of Winners, and I'm very curious to see how it will play out between them being in Canadian market. Aren't you?

3. Dollar Tree:
We all love our Dollarama, but the hype about finding discontinued nail polish and makeup for cheap at US Dollar Tree had been driving lots of us crazy.

Maybe not for long now when we heard Dollar Tree bought Dollar Giant for $52 million. I don't even have a Dollar Giant here, I don't think, but the possibility of seeing a Dollar Tree closer to home gets me all excited.

Shopping will soon get a lot more fun, not that it hasn't been fun :)


  1. Yes, I heard this. But in all honestly Zellers is not too far off from looking at Target. I was in Target last weekend & I always find they're out of stock in everything. Guess, we no longer need to go south of the border:-)

  2. Zellers sucks, I've always hated shopping there, the ones around me were always super messy and disgusting, so I am thrilled about Target coming!

  3. totally agree with beauty parler! i was just at target and there are no ELF or EOS. *Sigh, drove all the way to buffalo for nothing =((

  4. That's so odd about Zellers. So did HBC sell Zellers to Target?

  5. so excited about target and dollar tree :) their are 2 ( zellers and dollar giant) right by my house! In Vaughan I have already seen renovations take place for a Marshalls, the sign is already up :)

  6. Can i say finally?
    I'm excited. I remember reading about target coming last year too and it just never came so I was really disappointed.

  7. I'm really disappointed that in order for Canadians to gain Target, we have to let go of Zellers. I agree that Zellers is a mess but we're selling ourselves out for American stores. I can't say Target is great either because everytime I go visit Seattle, I hit up over 5 Target's but none of them carry all of the items available on their website. I also don't see a point in having a Marshall's here when it's just like Winners. I doubt it'll be any cheaper & the things they sell are essentially the same. And dollar stores come & go. But hopefully, it is an actualy Dollar store & not a $1.25 store..

  8. haha how can you live without those stores -- they are all my favorites -- glad to know you'll be getting them soon :)

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay Giveaway!

    <3 Kelly

  9. Monica, yeah now we have the access. Stock wise, nothing we can do though :(

    Justine, I can understand your excitement :) I do like Zellers for certain things, but it doesn't matter anymore now, does it?

    Jayce, I had better luck finding eos at Rite Aid, I think

    Perry, they took over the lease, so basically :)

    Danielle, lucky you to see Marshalls already and have Zellers & DG near by :)

    J, guess we didn't wait a whole year for nothing :)

    Ashley, I agree with your points totally. Price wise, it's gonna be interesting between Marshalls and Winners. And who knows Dollar Tree comes up here to become Dollar and a quarter Tree lol

    Kelly, we have had to make due of what stores we have, no choice. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I know someone involved in the Zeller's deal. There is going to be a total of 68 Target's built through Canada, although they are keeping lots of Zeller's stores as Zeller's. The crappy part: We won't be getting the cheap deals like the states, even though our money is worth more than there's, our stuff is still going to be more expensive. The stuff in the Target stores is going to be the same price category as Zeller's, no great deals or sales like the states :( Another crappy part - certain things are only sold in the states, we aren't getting anything different really. I would of LOVED for them to bring American pop here.

  11. Andy, noooo that's too sad :( Why can't we have some good deals for a change?