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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrates, and happy long weekend for those who don't :) I have some exciting finds/ news to share with you all today.

I headed to Sally's first, as I have seen from a few blogs, they seem to have a sale every long weekend. And they did this time.

All these nail polish were in clearance for CAD2.79, and this weekend they are extra 50% off. How awesome?

First row, from L-R: China Glaze Foxy and Orly Old School Orange
Second row: all Finger Paints - Shades of Fall, Harvest Hues, Autumn Moonlight and Winter's Whisper.

There were certainly other stuff on the sale rack too but I wasn't interested. Stock will depend on what your store wants to clear out, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

And I went to Claire's. Won't bore you with what I got with their 10 for $10 sale, except for one item: Claire's Kelly Green, very pretty.

The center of attention should be on the other 2 bottles in the pic though: the 2 new Claire's Mood shades: Lonely/ Loved (baby blue/ teal) and Mellow/ Crazy (baby pink/ lavender), both are shimmer. Yay, I always hope they come out with more shimmer moods :)

The colours are a little off on here, but I'll pick one to do my nails tonight, so NOTD post will be up soon. Which one do you want to see first?

Then we went to Shoppers for a few small things, but then I had a few surprised finds.

First, a Cover FX duo of Brite Prep and Mint Glaze. They retails for CAD56 (valued CAD67) but were on clearance for half off. Couldn't pass it up.

Second, a Quo Professional Starter Brush Set, reg. CAD60, 40% off today. I said it is a surprise because these are from Quo Pro line for brushes. I never knew they existed, saw the display in the Beauty Boutique section but always thought they were the Regular brushes. The Pro brushes have black handles (while the regular brushes have grey handles) and are priced almost twice as much. Curious? I certainly was.

Glad to find this set, quite a big saving compared to buying the brushes individually. As this post is already long, I'll have a review with detailed pictures up as soon as I have a chance to test them out. I'm so into brushes lately, all Quo's interestingly :)

And lastly, I answered my own question last time when I found Essence at Shoppers: Will we be getting any LE collection?

The Denim Wanted! showed up, yay!!! Nail polish and lipglosses are CAD2.49, shadow duos CAD2.99, gel eyeliners CAD3.49, etc. Not bad eh?

For those who haven't been able to find the main display, check the end caps of the isles as they might be hidden there, not very visible. The above LE display, however, is on a display table, you won't miss it. If you are able to find them, don't forget to come back and let me know. Or you can tell me what you do this weekend. I'm all ears :)


  1. Ooh CG Foxy! It's on my list of "want bad" LOL great pick for sure!

    I have to go by my shoppers and see if they have started to carry Essence! I see a grey polish (currently obsessed with grey toned polishes).

    Amazing deal on the CoverFx! wow! I haven't tried any of their products still...might have to go to my location and see if I can grab one of those value packs!

  2. Lots of great deals! I wish I wasn't on a 'no buying makeup' challenge. I would be out there getting a lot of this.

  3. I really like all the shades of Finger Paints you got, lovely for F/W. You always manage to find such amazing deals! xxx

  4. You always find great nail polishes!

  5. that's so cool you guys now get the essence LE!! Mum got me the dark blue one, My Boyfriend's Jeans I believe, I can't wait to get it ^_^
    You found some great bargains again :)
    Happy Thanksgiving <3

  6. :o they have new mood polishes`? I *need* both ;)

  7. new mood polish colours :) yay!! Awesome hauls!

  8. Awesome haul and Happy Thanksgiving to you. My partner and I were discussing Thanksgiving as he has a friend who lives in Canada. HOpe you had a great day and weekend. :)

  9. Mel, really? Foxy wasn't in my list original, but def is a fall colour. Good luck finding Essence and CoverFX duo :)

    FunnyFaceBeauty, awww you're brave to do no buys

    Rocaille, Gaby, thanks :)

    M, so My Boyfriend's Jeans is a must have, you think?

    AmusedPolish and Danielle, yes, I was so excited to see new Moods

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thank you :) Canadian thanksgiving is fun

  10. soooo freaking jealous that you got brite prep for half off! SUCH a great deal. I must check clearance around the place just in case XD

    and I still have yet to see essence...grrr i wanna see it now! lol maybe ill just serach their store locater... :P

  11. Rasilla, it was a lucky find. It was by itself in the clearance bin, I almost didn't see it. Yeah, just check the clearance everytime you're in store :) Good luck with Essence too