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NOTD: Claire's Lonely/ Loved

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone's long weekend? I'm so not ready to come back to work tomorrow :( But at least I have a NOTD for you. You bet I'd try the new Claire's Mood polish right away, didn't you? Yes, I wore Claire's Lonely/ Loved this weekend, thought the name suits the situation of this Thanksgiving :)

The sticker suggests we would see the change between a baby blue and a teal colour, but unfortunately, I only see an irridescent mermaid blue kind of colour on all my nails.

Here it is, with flash.

I have had good luck with previous Claire's Mood colours, as they all showed up as they should. This is the first time it fails for me. I don't know whether it has anything to do with the cooler weather of Fall, or if I have a default bottle. If any of you went out and got this shade, please let me know if it changes colours for you.

Below is the colour in natural light.

Look very closely, this is a shimmer colour with very fine silver glitters, as it feels a little gritty on the nails after 2 coats. A top coat would fix this very easily, but thought I should note that, so you won't be taken by surprise. The picture on the left shows the texture the best.

All in all, I love the colour and the silver shine it brings, but if I am paying CAD5.75 for it, I would expect it be an awesome Mood colour first. Should I talk to Claire's about this?


  1. I didn't even know this one existed. Did you try hot/cold water to try and force a color change?

  2. that's weird, I would bring it back. Are there any other new mood polishes you saw at Claire's?

  3. This colour looks great on you!^^

  4. Karen, I did wash my hands with warm water during the day but the colour didn't change either

    Danielle, I'd give it one more chance. There is another new shade that I had bottle pic of a few posts back

    Tammy, thanks :)

  5. Mine doesn't change either, and I actually didn't really expect it to. The color looked too sheer, but I got it because they were buy one get one half off, and this one I hadn't seen before.
    But I gotta say, I have it on my fingers right now and I do love the color itself with 3 coats, I'll have to post a swatch tomorrow. (:

  6. Ok so it wasn't just me then. I got it for the exact same reason (BOGO1/2) lol. It sure is a pretty colour