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NOTD: Claire's Mellow/ Crazy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I don't normally do 2 NOTD posts in a row, but this colour deserves a post ASAP.

It's the other new Mood polish from Claire's: Mellow/ Crazy. Not really like the name, but I'm telling you, I am in serious love with the colour and what it can do.

This first pic is how my nails look when I first painted them, and when I'm outside in the cool weather. It's quite close to the bottle colour, with a darker purple on the tips and lighter purple on the rest of the nails. Lovely gradient French, isn't it? The difference between the 2 shades of purple is subtle. If you don't look closely, it appears to be a lilac colour all around, which I don't have any problem with, as it is very lovely lilac, with fine silver glitters.

And this is how my nails look in a warm/ cozy room or when I first wake up in the morning. The tips are still purple but the rest of the nails is pink, and the contrast is more visible. I don't even have to do the warm/cold water test to see the changes, which is awesome.

All day long, I kept looking at my nails. The change is just so quick and visible, it feels like I am wearing 3 different manis :)

So Mellow/ Crazy is definitely a winner and a keeper. I'll make sure to give Lonely/ Loved another chance to impress me. I am having some hope, after seeing how well Mellow/ Crazy does.

Shots at another angle which shows the gradient effect a little better.

What do you think? Like it?

Note: I think something screwed up my blog template, as I'm seeing Tinipic errors all over the pages. It won't be a problem if you are reading from Google Reader, but just in case you wonder what happened. I have no idea how to fix this, except to change the template, which I don't want to, at this point. Any thoughts?


  1. that looks so pretty! i have these mood polishes but i havent tried them out yet!

  2. Katrina, it'd be fun to see your swatches as well, once you try them out

  3. This post helped me pick what color to buy, thanks! I got happy/earthy and it works so well, I love it. But the fabulous/funky has NO change at all, so I'm returning it. I think I'll get this mellow/crazy instead.

  4. Stephanie, mood polishes are like that, works on someone, doesn't on another. Hope you'll like this shade :)