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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I have an exciting post today for us, Canadian beauty fanatics. Over the weekend, I found 2 product displays that got me very excited.

First, Essence has arrived at Shoppers. Surprised!

I was caught off guard by this display, as there has been no announcement about the brand coming to Canada at all. But I'm not complaining, as Essence would be a great addition to our drugstore product ranges.

I think for now, we'll get products from the core lines. Main price points:
- Colour & Go nail polish (5ml ) CAD1.49, Nail Art Stamp CAD3.99
- Lip glosses CAD1.49 - CAD2.49
- Eyeshadows CAD2.49 - CAD3.99
- Mascara CAD3.49 - CAD4.99
- Liners CAD2.49 - CAD3.29
- Mousse makeup CAD5.99.

The display is a stand-alone tall one, separate from the regular cosmetics shelves, so keep an eye out when your Shoppers has it out. I'm hoping we'll get more LE collections in, as Essence does have some exciting stuff out right now in Europe.

And this NYX display, I found at my regular Lawtons location.

Lawtons has been having one or two NYX products in stock for a while but not the whole full blown range like this. And the display is huge! I guess this would be the first for the Maritimes for NYX access.

You can spot from the pic the single shadows, trios, liners, jumbo pencils, lipsticks, blushes, concealers and nail polishes.

Of course prices aren't as great as in the US, from CAD4.99 to CAD9.99, but at least we have the products within our reach now. Not all Lawtons have it yet, I guess it's a gradual launch.

On the same note, Carmindy tweeted that today is the launch of her Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line in Canada. So we'll soon hear more about it, I'm sure. While waiting, you can always check your local Dollarama for a small stock of Skin makeup foundation and cream/ powder blushes. There are also their mascaras, lip products there too, all for CAD2.

Did I get you all excited about all these brands yet?


  1. OMG YES! Seriously?? I have to go every Shopper's in the city to see if they have the Essence stands! I am trying very hard not to get my hopes up!

  2. ESSENCE!! WHEEE!!! I hope they show up here. And it's too bad we don't have a Lawtons here.

  3. oh my goodness! what great news...essence coming to canada! thanks for the heads up!

  4. I had no idea Essence was coming to Canada. I'll clear out that display as soon as I see it!

  5. I found Lawtons carries a good selection of US products. Products I never find in Ontario.

  6. I've never really looked into the brand "Essence." Have no idea what they carry, lol. I'm interested now though, thanks for sharing. (:

    Did you pick anything up?

  7. omg! sooo excited about the Essence stuff! I saw it for the first time in an Ulta in buffalo last month and wondered why we don't have it in Canada. Thanks for the heads up :)

    I'm pretty sure that I have seen NYX products at Rexall also.

  8. This is the greatest news EVER!! I finally found Hard Candy at Wal-Mart after a month of searching. For some reason, the Wal-Mart Supercenter near my home doesn't stock Hard Candy even though they have SO MUCH ROOM!
    I can't wait to find Essence products at my Shoppers Drug Mart. I'm so excited!!

  9. lucky! i haven't found NYX nail polish in any displays here!

  10. Thanks so much everyone, I'm so glad you are as excited as I am :)

    Alisa, save some for others, lol

    Monica, agreed with you. Lawtons have surprised me a lot with their brand choices

    Arezu, Essence is a fun brand to check out. Not everything is great, but fun :) I didn't get anything yet

    Danielle, we don't have Rexall here. That was why I was so excited at Lawtons lol

    Ashley, yay you found Hard Candy :) Next find would be Essence eh?

    Jbrobeck, really? I thought NYX would be more accessible there.

  11. yay that you finally got essence in canada :)

  12. OMGSH! I think my heart just skipped a beat when I saw the Essence display and then I saw somewhere in your post SDM O.O

    But I'm sooo sad that there's no Lawtons in Ontario!!!! T.T GET ME THAT CONCEALER!! XD Come on NYX, expand in Toronto already >.>

  13. Where are the carmindy products going to be sold in Canada?

  14. amusedPolish, great news, isn't it? :)

    Lisa, NYX will be at IMATS Toronto, then you can stock up lots of things for cheap

    Justine, last time Carmindy mentioned her line would probably be in Shoppers, no confirmation as of late

  15. That's such exciting news! Does anyone have any recommendations for Essence or NYX products? Ive heard NYX is infamous for it's dupes of MAC, any examples? :)

  16. Magenta123123, I don't pay much attention to Essence regular line, as I have my eyes on their LE collections. For NYX, they're known for their eye jumbo pencils, single shadows, trios, palettes, crem blushes, etc. Some nail polish shades are good too.

  17. I'd never heard of essence before, but I'm really intrigued by those low low prices. $1.50 nail polish? Count me in. But I can't help wondering what the quality's like, at such prices. I love mousse eye shadow, but I've only used Yves rocher mousse before, and I'm a bit wary to try cheap products on my eyes since I got that eye infection... Now nail polish, that's a different matter...

  18. Essence is a German drugstore brand, just released in the US a while ago, now Canada. Price is really good, which explains the exciments. The nail polish is small (5ml), but still is cheap, I agree. Try one out to see how it works for you :)

  19. this is great, and essence's next limited edition are magnetic polishes, so I hope you get them in canada too.

  20. Ancek, yep, we got the Colour & Go. The thing is the magnetic ones wouldn't come to the US except for Texas, so I dont have my hope up for Canada

  21. I was wondering if you could mention the Lawton's you saw the NYX display at? I'm in the HRM area. Thanks!

  22. The Lawtons on Spring Garden Rd. and the one at Halifax Shopping Centre both have NYX display now :) Have fun shopping!