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Dollarama haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you are one who was disappointed that Sally Hansen Natural Beauty (inspired by Carmindy) is not available in Canada, head on over to Dollarma now as there is a treasure to be found.

Words on twitter was that Dollarama has a load of Sally Hansen Natural Beauty stuff for CAD2 a piece. I have no idea how they landed there, but I'm not complaining. Stocks vary among stores, as always, so I went check it out for myself.

This is what I found at the first store I went to, the one in the mall closest to me:
- Olay Regenerist Eye Makeup Remover + Anti-wrinkle Treatment (50ml, CAD1), reg. more than CAD10 full size (200ml) - you do the math :)
- Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream (14ml, CAD1)
These are perfect for travelling, and who can say no to Olay Regenerist at that price?

- Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush in Ginger and Sunrise (CAD2 each).

Yes, I found them, but there wasn't much selection at all. I wanted more, as I have been wanting to buy products from this line forever and this is like an opportunity of a life time.

At the second Dollarama, I hit the jackpot. There were a lot more shades of blushes, and there were foundations too. I dived right in, lol

- First row: Sheerest Cream Blushes in Sunrise and Ginger. I want backups of these 2, as they are the most beautiful shades.

- Second row: Sheerest Cream Blush in Sunset and Natural Powder Blush in Fawn.
There were a few more shades of the powder blushes but mostly are too dark for me.

- Your Skin Makeup Foundation in Tawny Beige and Warm Beige. No testers, so I picked them just by the look, hoping one of them would match my skin tone. The lighter shades seemed to be a little too light, but according to the website, these 2 shades are for medium to deep skin tone. I guess time will tell once I do swatches.

Carmindy is in the process of talking to a few drugstore chains here to bring her line cross the border, so we have hope :) In the mean time, get yourself some taste of the line first from Dollarama :) Do come back and tell me what you find at your store, deal?

On personal note, I had a great time at the beach on Saturday. Love sinking my feet in the silky white sand and sitting under the sun to read my book (plus contanst glancing at Squirt playing sand castle near the water). Sunday wasn't that warm and sunny, we went to the Greek fest for some lamb plates, lol. How was your weekend?


  1. I saw those there too but I hadn't heard too much about Sally Hansen makeup at the time. I also found Ardell lashes at Dollarama!

  2. omg sooo wishing they had those dollarama store here!
    u are so lucky!:)

  3. XD now i want to run to dollarama and check it out for myself!!! lol...
    but i can't run...cause if I did, I would die from exhaustion the first 2 minutes...and there would be another 30 mins to go :T lol

  4. wow olay and sally hansen products look really good and soooo cheap!

  5. For real? I can't belive it, that Sally fndn is really good, I had one but the colour wasn't spot on for me so I gave it away & I always wanted to buy another one. *running to Dollarama* Thanks for posting!

  6. Oh jooLee, there're gems in this line that we didn't have a chance to try (until today). Give it a try and see how you like it. Ardell lashes are awesome too, I heard.

    Vanilla, this is one of the very few chances we Canadians get good products with good price :)

    rasilla, you can walk there hun, lol. Let me know what you find.

    Justine, yep, I'm loving the price

    Monica, yes it is for real :) Hope you can find the shade that matches.

  7. I got Sunset, sunrise, and dusk (powder blush)
    they didn't have much left at this one location. and no foundations either.
    but im happy~ sunrise is VERY pretty :)
    Thanks for the heads up on these babies, Im glad I was able to pick up a few~

  8. Yay, you found some blushes. I can pick up the foundation for you, just let me know

  9. Sad, I checked out our dollarama here and couldn't find any Sally Hansen stuff. Lucky you :)

  10. S, hopefully you can check with rasilla to get a few from her Dollarama. She found some :)