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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was given the Beautiful Blogger and the Sweet Blog Awards by Melanie (more known as macbella2) at A Little Purple Folie. And then Ms Naz and Corrine sent me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks so much ladies and sorry it took me a while to post them up :)

I am supposed to state some random facts about myself. Don't know my life is that interesting, and as I did make an attempt before when I got the Kreativ Blogger Award, I'll try not to repeat myself, lol.

1. My favorite colour is yellow, but since I was exposed to the wonderful world of eyeshadows and nail polish, now I love lots of different colours. Don't know I even have a single favorite colour now.

2. I can't have my nails shorty short, or it hurts when I touch things or type. My nail bed stretches out quite far from the finger tips, that's why. But even with having long nails for such a long time, it took me so many years to start painting them. What a waste!

3. I love to smile, but life has not always been easy and I do frown. Sometimes I hate the fact that I couldn't smile. People said a smile equals 10 extra seconds of your life, so the more you smile, the longer you live :) We just don't smile enough, as adults.

4. I have 2 stuffies to sleep with every night. The bf got me a sheep a few years back, and I brought him to bed with me. The year after, he got me another one, bigger and fluffier. I couldn't abandon the first one, so they share the bed. Fair, right? Lol. Squirt has like 7 stuffies in bed all at once.

5. I have never coloured my hair in my life, it's always black. I always wanted to add some highlight to it just for a fun look under sunlight, but never have the courage to act on it, lol.

Ok, I give up after #5, lol. Told you I'm not that interesting. Thanks for reading :) I'm off to pick up Squirt from her Sparks sleepover. The weather is supposed to be nice today, or at least let's hope it would be.


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