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France swap

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am kind slow posting this :) Seeing I already got to one or two nail polish from this haul, I thought I should put it up first. This is one fabulous swap I did with Marie from Mon Coin a Moua. It was meant to be, as right after I posted my Swap list, Marie let me know she wanted some bottles from that post, and she had something I always wanted :)

First are the famous Maybelline Express Finish from Dollar Tree which I missed out terribly last time in LA. I got Brown Aluminium (left) and Purple Rage (right), totally fall colours.

What makes me squeal is the bottle those two are guarding in the middle: the highly-covetted L'Oreal Star Magnet in Magnetic Grey.

I can't tell you how hard it is to find these Star Magnets nowadays. It was my pure luck that Marie could get a hold of a few of them. Now my big lemming can rest (well, until the next one comes, lol).

I also picked a few bottles from brands that are absolutely new to me, to diversify my stash:
- P2 Elegant
- Catrice London's Weather Forecast
- Essence Twins in Mr. Big and Carrie.

I wish the world is just one big market of nail polish where we could get our hands on whatever brand we see, just because there are so many fantastic brands out there. Nail blogs are enablers obviously, my lemming list just gets longer and longer everyday. Well, with this little haul, it's temporarily shorter a little.

And Marie was so generous to include many extras for me:
- H&M Hello Kitty lip gloss in Apple Fruits
- Essence Secrets of the Past Trio eyeshadow (LE) in Babushka's Dream
- H&M Hello Kitty nail polish in Glitter Purple
- Essence Frech Glam nail stickers.

She knows me so well, don't you think? She picked the perfect items for me, without me asking for them. Nail polish (especially cute ones like Hello Kitty) and eyeshadows (especially the LE shades), just heaven!

And there're more.

To match the whole theme, Marie sent me the cutest Hello Kitty pouch to house all the makeup. How am I bringing myself to use it, Marie? It's too cute.

The rest are an Eau Du Bonheur EDT sample and tons of sweets. Swweeettt :)

I know I wasn't going to do any more swaps, thinking of saving for a few future trips I am planning, but this is one swap that I cannot turn down. And I'm glad I didn't.

Hope your week starts out well today. Monday is always hard. Hang in there!


  1. Great haul and I can not wait to see your pics of the magnetic polish!


  2. Hey :) I'm glad you like these, it's great when swapping makes people on both sides happy ^_^

  3. Great haul. The L'Oreal star magnet is to DIE for. I really want one of those. ENJOY!

  4. Jackie, it's funny that I'm kinda nervous to try the magnetic polish. What if I sucked? lol

    M, it is great indeed :)

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, yes, my long time wish was fulfilled :)

  5. What a great swap! I completely understand being nervous about the magnetic one--I haven't had the courage to touch mine yet, either. :)

  6. Karen, you too? We're ridiculous lol

  7. omg! the magnet star polish XD
    lol must see pics soon :P

  8. I'll try to brave up to try it out soon :)