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Swap list - Nails

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Updated: February 29, 2012.

The nail polish listed below are the backups that I decided to let go, so they are brand new. Email me and we can work out a swap or a straight up purchase.

- Ectasi Indigo x2

China Glaze:
- Deck the Halls set: Glittering Garland, Holiday Berry Cuticle Oil, Champagne Bubbles
- Party Hearty set: Phat Santa, Party Hearty, Jolly Holly
- Cleopatra
- Jolly Holly
- Mommy May I
- White Cap
- Zombie Zest

- Bright Skies
- Calm/ Wild (Mood line)
- Chunky Gold
- Dream Catcher x2
- Happy/ Earthy (Mood line)
- Magic
- Ninja Turtle (3 layers)
- Red Slippers
- Relaxed/ Hyper (Mood line)
- Venomous x2
- Watermelon (3 layers, shaken a bit)

Cover Girl:
- Pink Twinkle (Hannah Montana)

Cult Nails:
- Captivated x2

Del Sol:
- Day Dreamer x2
- Holly Berry
- Rock Star x2
- Trick or Treat x3

Finger Paints:
- Art Appreciation Apricot

- Blackout
- Lady Lucky
- Manic Monday
- Putty Concrete

Joe Fresh:
- Holiday trio: Midas, Imperial, Dupioni
- Ink
- Mallard x3
- Moss
- Peacock
- Twilight x4

Klean Color:
- Blue Satin

LA Girl:
- Crowd Surfing (Rock Star line)
- Metallic Olive (Metal line)
- Rock Star (Rock Star line)

LA Splash:
- Sparkling Silver

- Gems
- Totally Cool

Model's Own:
- Aqua Violet
- Pinky Brown x2
- Purple Blue x2

Nicole by OPI:
- Blues into the NIght
- Glitter in my Stocking
- Me + Blue
- One Less Lonely Glitter

Nina Pro:
- Velvet Seas

- I'm not really a Waitress
- Not Like the Movies
- The Color to Watch
- The One that Got Away x2

- Enchanged duo: Enchanted Forest, Prisma Gloss
- Blue Suede

- Black with Envy
- Blue Mosaic
- Colada Fizz
- Emerald City
- Facets of Fuchsia x2
- Galaxy x2
- Grape Fizz
- Grapefruit Fizz
- Mad about Mango (scented)
- Mint Fizz
- Mistletoe (Top Speed line)
- Apple-tini Fizz
- Orange Fizz
- Pineapple Fizz
- Sheer Seafoam
- Slipper
- Star x2
- Surf

- Camouflage

Sally Hansen:
- Hidden Treasure
- Problem Child
- Project Runway x3
- Laser (HD) x2

- Jaded

Wet n Wild:
- Glow in the Dark (Fantasy Makers line)
- Shuffle the Deck (Spoiled line)
- Tangled in my Web (Fast Dry line).


  1. OMG OMG OMG I'm sending you an email immediately!

  2. Unfortunately I'm a hoarder so it would probably take me a while to find polishes I want to get rid of. OMG you should so do a blog sale!!

  3. Haha I didn't know Claire's did a nail polish called Ninja Turtle :D Good luck with the swaps!

  4. Good luck with the swap/sale!

  5. I have a Maybelline Colorama top coat in Ruby Rays. I had another one but I'm not sure where it went... bah! There's atleast 70-80% left in the bottle too.

  6. Thank you all who emailed me about these babies and those who sent best wishes.

    Samwells87, it's never an easy task, is it? Lol

    S, yes, they named it Ninja Turtle and it's not even black or anything haha

    Ashley, I think I need a truck load of Colorama, lol

  7. I might have to take your 3D's...will let u know soon~ :)

  8. I want Claire's Ninja Turtle! I don't even know what it looks like! :)

  9. JQ, it's a fun name, isn't it. You can see what it looks like by doing a search on this blog. I have a pic of it

  10. I live in Halifax too, did you know you could get Sinful Colors at Lawtons, some LA Color stuff there too

  11. Ashley, yes I do know that :) Hauled a few Sinful and LA Colors from there

  12. Are any of the items on this list still available?

    1. Most of them are, cause I haven't done anything with my backups :) Email me if you need something