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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Like lots of nail bloggers, I was intrigued by a sample offer at Viva La Nails. Basically bloggers/ youtubers can receive £20 value of samples for free, just pay £2.95 S&H fee. I'm not good/ creative at nail arts in general, thought this would be a good chance to start practicing.

Here are what I received - 3 packs of nail stickers, 3 packs of water decals.

And multiple packs of rhinestones, glitters, etc.

They are all pretty and I was overwhelmed, didn't know where to start :) Halloween might be a good opportunity to break these out for some blings, you think?

If you haven't got yours yet or want to try this out, check out the Sample Pack link. Things might be out of stock at times, so keep checking back.

Let me show you my very first attempt with the stickers I got. The NOTD is Maybelline Express Finish in Purple Rage (yes, the one found at Dollar Tree, from my France swap), using stickers #HS31.

The stickers aren't very visible in the pics (you can click for larger view), so I included the sticker pack itself. They are tiny silver flowers, fun to trace along the french tip curves on my nails. There are tons of stickers in one pack, but with only 2 sizes - the smaller ones are great for pinkies, but the rest of my nails need the larger ones. At one point, you'll run out of the large one and are left with a bunch of small ones and probably have to mix and match with another sticker pack from then on.

Do you enjoy doing nail arts?


  1. XD its out of stock currently, but oooooh so tempting !!! lol so i guess its good that it is OOS :P
    waterdecals are so amusing though...
    just say a tutorial on it.

    anyway nails look great!

  2. Rasilla, if you are into stickers and stuff, it's not a bad deal at all :)

  3. Oh no! They're OOS.. I've put my name and number so they can contact me when they get new packages. So many nail art supplies out there that I haven't tried yet, this seems like a good opportunity to try them out.

  4. GabZ1985, they are OOS quite often. Staying on the waiting list is a good idea. Hope you'll get it soon :)