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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hi everyone, I'm back after a day without power, courtesy of Hurricane Earl :) We were stuck inside all day yesterday, and didn't have power until almost midnight. But we survived, and to celebrate, I did an awesome haul at my beloved Shoppers today with x20 Optimum points.

First, the Revlon Just Add Sparkle collection arrived last week and I got all 4 of the glitter top coats while they were on sale for CAD3 each then. If you haven't got them already, Revlon nail polish is CAD4.99 this week.

From L-R: Slipper, Star, Belle and Galaxy.

I gotta give Revlon some credit here coming out with a cool collection like this. The shades are paired up not only on colour basis but also on names: Red - Slipper (red), Rock - Star (purple), Silver - Belle (grey) and Lunar - Galaxy (dark navy/ black). I ignored the creme shades as there are tons of dupes that I already have in my collection.

And the Revlon Matte Suede also has arrived this week, yay! There were 4 shades, but I'm only interested in Ruby Ribbon and Emerald City. Feel a little like Christmas colours, doesn't it? :) Like I said above, they are CAD4.99 a bottle this week.

A double yay for the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colours, also made an appearance in store this weekend. You gotta go check out the display, it is amazing. I only pick 2 up this time but that might change very soon, lol. Here are Purple Gala and Mystic Lilac, on sale for CAD2.99 each.

The Revlon Super Lustrous glosses are CAD3.99 a piece, so I picked up Cherries in the Snow and Pearl Plum from the regular line. No LE shades available, unfortunately.

Are you ready for more exciting stuff? Read very slowly, as I don't want you to miss it :)

Quo is coming out with a big Couture collection, with everything from a huge brush set, to foundation, eyeshadow duos, and get this... nail polishes. Yes, there are 3 mesmerizing Quo nail polish colours that I can't wait to try out, I just wait for a sale. The 40% off sale this weekend is for brushes only.

Let's talk brushes, shall we? This is the Quo Couture LE brush set, the biggest one of all. It comes with 10 brushes:
- Power brush
- Blush brush
- Foundation brush
- Concealer brush
- Lip brush
- Liner/ brow brush
- Crease Blender brush
- All over Shadow brush
- Definer Shadow brush
- Shadow Smudger brush, and
- A Deluxe brush roll.

It retails for CAD65, but for some miraculous reason, it is included in the 40% off sale, i.e. only CAD39 right now. This never happens before as brush sets are always excluded from sales. So check out the close-up pics of the brushes and go grab this ASAP, ladies!

Another great find in store is the Ed Hardy Color sets. I have never seen anything like it.

This is how the packaging looks like.

Fabulous art work on the cover, I have to say. Call me out-dated, but I don't know anything about Ed Hardy products. But once the lady at the counter showed these babies to me, I had a really hard time picking a favorite.

Wait until you hear how much they cost: CAD17.77 each, vs. $39.95 on Amazon (reg. $50). Are you sold yet? Check out what's inside.

Each set has a big lighted mirror, 6 eyeshadows, 6 lip colours, 1 blush/ bronzer, 2 Eau de Parfum solids and 3 brushes.

The pink set is called Ed Hardy Color Love Kills Slowly.

The blue set is called Ed Hardy Geisha Color.

I love the lip colours on the blue set but the eyeshadows on the pink set, lol. Can't win them all, and with the price, I got both. Seriously, I couldn't decide.

Some good deals on fragrances too.

The Paris Hilton set is on sale for CAD19.99, with 4 15-ml Eau de Parfum spray bottles in Sirens, Heiress, Can Can and Paris Hilton scents. I'm not PH's fan, but don't mind trying out her fragrances at that price.

The DKNY Be Delicious LE bottle in Fresh Blossom scent is also on sale for CAD19.99. My sister loves the DKNY apples and this would be a nice addition to her stash. It smells lovely :)

Lastly, the Juicy Couture roller ball trio - Viva la Juicy, Juicy Couture and Couture Couture, 7.4ml each. It is CAD45, not on sale, but considering each roller ball sells at CAD22, it's like you buy 2 tubes get 1 free with this price already. I caved.

I appologize for such a long post :) The weekend deals are still on until tomorrow (most Shoppers open on Labour Day Monday), so go take advantage of it. Don't want you to miss out. Cheers!


  1. Wow! Awesome haul! Those Revlon polishes look so pretty. And the Ed Hardy makeup is gorgeous!
    I don't know anything about this brand either, except that I've seen Ed Hardy merch everywhere lately lol. But now I want to go to Shoppers to check out the Geisha Colour collection! Is it only on sale this weekend?

  2. Hiitscaila, I know right? The Ed Hardy sets are on regular price, but with limited quantity, so if you want it, go quick. If you plan a $50 purchase, might as well do it by Monday for x20 points

  3. Ahh, I want all of the polishes you got, so pretty! Can't wait to see a swatch of the green revlon :)

  4. wow that quo brush set looks good. I was eyeing up the revlon glitters too, but I never wear the ones that I have from china glaze, so I passed. But great prices!

  5. she shoot...she SCORES!!!! XD

  6. I got three of the Revlon Top Coats. Are they not awesome!!! Oh, and I like the Ed Hardy palettes!

  7. Great haul :) I love Revlon's new polishes, and the super lustrous glosses--I really want Coral Reef :D

    The brushes look awesome--review soon??

  8. Ruby ribbon and Emerald City are really gorgeous...Love the Ed Hardy palettes....Great haul. Beautiful blog...Really; it sparkles!!

  9. i got the exact same 2 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears :) I lucked out a couple of weeks ago at Rexall, they had them on sale for $1.99 and I have 2 $1 off coupons, so i got them for $1 a piece!

  10. Caitlin, the nail polish world has been so good, lots of nice pretty colours are out and we have a hard time choosing lol. I'll swatch the Revlon soon

    Justine, if you are at SDM, check out the brushes (even if you are not buying), they are nice

    Rasilla, thanks hun :)

    Kimberly, they are so nice that I hauled too much lol

    Steph, I couldn't find Coral Reef, it's prob long gone already

    Rakhshanda, yes they are the best among the 4 shades. And thanks so much for your sweet comment :)

    Danielle, you gotta show me where to find coupons for Sally Hansen. Great score!

  11. What a haul lol!!

    I only got a shirt and a lipgloss this year so not much to show. But I did tweet when I found Peach Petal at CNE this year! wohoo! It's about the experience of bargain hunting anyway haha

    Come to Toronto next year and I'll take you =D

  12. Helen, thanks :) Peach Petal is certainly a score. If I'm in the city at the right time for CNE, will certainly hit you up :)

  13. woooo :) nice haul!
    The Revlons look great, I can't wait for mine to arrive hahaha ^^ and I didn't know anyhting about Ed Hardy makeup either but these palettes look real nice, the colors all seem very wearable.

  14. M, now you got your Revlon, hope they work well for you :) Besides the name, Ed Hardy palettes look awesome, that's all I know haha