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L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I found new love guys, I did. You are all familiar with these L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows, so I don't think I need a serious introduction to them.

Before you protest, yes, I know that these eyeshadows are exclusive to the UK, Canada and Australia only, but you know I'm always here to help, if you want to get yours hands on some.

I was kindly sent 9 shades, swatches are below.
First row, from L-R: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession and Burning Black.

Second row: Flashback Silver, Permanent Kaki, Unlimited Sky, All Night Blue and Time Resist White.

Spoiler: I have a mission, after trying out these eyeshadows, to hunt down the 2 shades that weren't included in this set - Endless Chocolat and Eternal Black. This proves how much I enjoy playing with them.

The eyeshadows claim to be long lasting (24 hour hold) with a waterproof formula that is smudge/ rub/ blink resistant, a cross between cream and powder finish.

They did last very well on my lids, can't say I know if they would last 24 hours but they did a good portion of the day till I washed my face after getting home from work.

These are Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession and Burning Black.

Swatch pics will be in pair, the first is in natural light, the second is with flash. Swatches were all done with a damp brush, no base.

I love the metallic finish these eyeshadows offered when applied wet. They were smooth and felt light like feathers on the lids, didn't require much blending either.

The company called it a "dramatic, prismatic effect" as a result of the ColourReveal technology after 4 years of research and development.

Whatever it is, I want more.

The eyeshadows are full of wins: texture/ finish, wear, colour options. And the fact that they are in a soft pressed form - not hard as regular eyeshadow, not loose as pigment - makes them a piece of cake for even beginners. Less fallout too.

And these are Flashback Silver, Permanent Kaki, Unlimitted Sky, All Night Blue and Time Resist White.

Need I tell you what my favorite shades are? Well they all are fabulous, but naturally I lean toward darker shades. Burning Black and All Night Blue are must-haves! And don't forget to pick a shade for brow bone highlight among the 3 - Hourglass Beige, Flashback Silver and Time Resist White, depending on your skin tone.

A little side note: Don't throw out the plastic stopper placed on top of the eyeshadow. It's there to help the eyeshadow stay "fresh" and smooth. It also works as a pressing mechanism if you happen to drop and shatter an eyeshadow (I did, with Forever Pink). I managed to recover it without too much trouble. After being pressed, the eyeshadow works just as well.

If you are lucky to live in one of the three countries where these gems are available, go check them out. They will be worth it! FOTDs are coming soon :)

EDIT: Don't forget to check out swatches of the L'Or collection (Limited Edition) as well. It's beautiful!


  1. OMG! those shades are LUSH! I love it.

  2. Burning Black and All Night Blue are my favorite, but they all look insanely pigmented and pretty! I won't purchase some because I'm trying to go cruelty-free as much as possible though.

  3. Very interesting.. I rarely purchase drugstore eyeshadows but I really might have to check these out, the colour pay off looks amazing and if they wear well they will be great! Thanks for the swatches! :)

  4. Hourglass Beige and Time Resist White look really similar, would you mind doing a side by side comparison please?

  5. The purples are so GEORGOUS! They look so pretty! The packaging reminds me of those single UD eyeshadows haha!

  6. I got the same 9 and think the colours and the payoff are amazing. My only complaint is the fallout. You definitely want to do your eyes before the rest of your makeup when using these.

  7. Hollie, yes they are :)

    Gaby, I understand your decision

    Shaylee, oh you gotta. Drugstore products have gone very far, lots of gems to be found

    Fay, they are both fun highlight shade, the white is just a little brighter. I'll include a comparison in the next FOTD post

    Steph, interesting packaging, yes it is :)

    Alicia, I use a damp brush and don't experience much fallout at all, and I always do my eyes first :)

  8. now i see what you meant today :)

    purple obsession looks amazing!

  9. Oh I wish they sold these in the states! I want them so bad!

  10. S, you gotta give these a try, at least one colour lol

    Molly, I can CP some for you, if you want

  11. I've been meaning to check these out but havent had a chance to do it yet !! I think tomorrow is the day as I'm going to westfield =) these swatches makes me wanna get them all !

    xxx Vee

  12. Oh you gotta. We're luckier than the rest of the world where L'Oreal decided not to release these, so get one at least and try it out :)

  13. Id love to get my hands on these. how much are they where u live?

  14. These retail around $10-12 around here, depending on where you go. The lowest I've seen them on sale was $7